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Hey M-E,

Yeah, that's a perfect example of what I'm talking about here. That's the case of a guy you'd never consider as a boyfriend candidate, but you're fine with going for a roll in the hay with.

The funny thing is, most guys think this way about their options with women, but they tend to assume that women are totally different and DON'T think like this. "Oh no, I have to be really nice, because women only want to date men who will be serious with them," goes the thinking.

Men tend to segment for this reason: you get the guys who get big strings of hook ups, but utterly fail when they try to have relationships, and you have the guys who end up in really long-term relationships, but getting a girl in anything other than a long-term relationship is well nigh impossible for them (e.g., rule out one-night stands for the LTR guy because he can't get them -- women don't want him for that).

The LTR guys often are pretty jealous / envious / resentful of the hook up guys, and women usually (publicly, anyway) tend to demonize the hook up guys and talk about what "great" guys the LTR guys are, but they still go to bed with the hook up guys and ignore the LTR guys until what they want is an LTR. And all of this makes perfect sense from a totally rationale stand point -- if a woman wants to hook up, she's going to go for a guy who's good hook up material, and if a woman wants an LTR, she's going to go for a guy who's good LTR material.

Your other point about women wanting to hook up having an attitude problem is a great point -- in fact, I'm going to get a post up on this. Thanks for the posting idea! It's something you see in lots of women, but many men out there take it as a sign those women aren't interested and scram. Sad turn of events much of the time for those men...