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I thought I'd chime in since this article is one of the few of the PUA variety that doesn't seem to demean women by painting them as emotional or stupid.

I just had this situation happen. I was at the end of a long term relationship with a guy who wasn't putting out so I jumped at the chance to bone a guy who happened to be in town for a short while. My bf at the time was also going to be out of town. A window of about 2 or 3 days existed to have sex with this guy who although interesting, was not boyfriend material because of his looks, laziness, drinking/drug problems, etc. He made it clear he didn't want a relationship (but then again it wouldn't have even been possible given his short stay) and I made no mention of a relationship.

Just have to add something about this:
"Now how about sex with a girl you don’t even like all that much. Say, a girl who’s cute but completely lacking in the personality department. Or a girl who’s not even all that cute, but she’s there, she’s available, and you’re horny."

Sometimes a girl will purposely be rude or have an attitude with you when she knows it's in the bag because, hey, you're a hookup, not boyfriend material, so why show you my sparkling personality? Or why even shave for this guy? lol It's nothing personal, just a timesaver.