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Transmitting Bad Vibes; or, Why People May Not Like You

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bad vibesBad vibes can poison your interaction without you being aware of it. So how do you know if you have a bad vibe problem? And if so… how do you FIX it?

Why do some people simply not like you?

In this article we’re going to look at a common affliction guys have, which is to misinterpret or be unable to understand why others react in a certain – negative – way to their behaviour.

This then leads guys to assume that others are “out to get them” but that this isn’t their fault.

We’ll also go over how you can improve yourself so that others begin to enjoy your presence more, and some potential reasons why they may not be enjoying it presently.

The ego is adept at tricking you into protecting it and overvaluing it when you should be looking outside and not within. When you get too lost inside yourself it is akin to the side effects of clinical depression or chronic injury: you become less aware of your surroundings, to your detriment.

This can make sense from a purely technical point of view. If you have a chronic injury you need to attempt to placate the physical pain to whatever levels you can or, if possible, to heal it using all the tools at your disposal. So you get an added focus boost on this unsolved problem in order to be better poised to overcome it as best you can.

The problem here is that anything outside this problem (which is inside) is relegated to a secondary plane. When a person is suffering from chronic pain it is difficult for them not to transmit this vibe, because you can see it in their eyes, their pain.

And so others feel it by association.

Frankie BismarckAbout the Author: Frankie Bismarck

Frankie is a guy who went from socially-awkward high school virgin to popular college man after hitting the gym and befriending the foreign exchange students who threw the best parties. Later, he found a niche in the tourism industry, becoming a guide and cashing in on horny tourist girls.


Mr. Shark's picture

To be honest, I see this article as extremely broad. There is another group of people who are not falling for substances. While my escape was similar (video games) it is a day and light difference in terms of mindset. I have friends .. well, had friends who went the alcohol route and their personal responsibility was non-existent. But then, you have people in my camp who attribute almost everything to their actions. I am in a bad place now, I may have fever even but my instict is to get away from other because I cannot offer much. My vibe is shit and yes, as mentioned in the article, people can sense it. But then if you go out and due to lack of socializing, life in general, you are in a group of people where they can provide fresh value pretty much every time you go out, while you run out of ideas, insights, jokes that bring the fun up, people start notice that. They suddenly don't go to you as much to check if you are free for lunch and where you'd go (in case of coworkers for example). You suddenly because that stagnating, although good player on the team who does what he is good at but cannot do more. So you notice this, your subconscious takes note of this and your energy drops. And people can feel that. Suddenly you are on the lower vibration, so again, they may not stop for 5 minutes to chat before they leave work when you are the only one there. And no, they had no plans. So it all goes down. And here you, with lack of skills being slowly moving outside of the circle because you are not able to read people or because simply put there is someone better than you who provides a better vibe. So when they ask if you wanna grab a beer, maybe after some time you say no because your contribution would be to sit there because you have exhausted your pool. Or they talk about topics you have absolutely nothing to contribute to like travel. So you say no to the beer invite. And while these people connect and deepen their relationship, you are lacking behind. Because again, you are below the level, you are like lvl 60 while they are lvl 85, fighting elites in a castle, leveling more. And you dont want to drag them down. So at some poijt you become so disconnected and have no clue what others are dealing with that you do not get the opportunity to level up in that particular group. And that pushes you even more down in terms of your vibe. Because obviously you do not feel good about that. And there is not much you can do other than find a new circle and repeat the process. But that is not easy as well. So while having multiple social circles is the way to go, it is quite time consuming to keep them up and maintain. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to how you benefit the lives of others. And if you benefit less and less over time, you get zoned out. And end up alone.

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