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Pickup and Seduction Gambit: The Tourist Frame

Chase Amante

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pickup seduction gambit
Do you feel extra liberated and sexually adventurous when you travel? Girls do, too. This gambit is designed to tap into those same feelings with local girls.

Ever see a dating tactic you wanted to try that felt outside of your comfort zone? If you meet women from cold approach, you already know that progress is your reward when you push past comfort zones. It’s what separates gritty men from unproductive dreamers.

Maybe there is a transition phase you need to master so you can take new girls to bed more often. You may have also been looking for more opportunities to sharpen your frame control abilities.

Or perhaps you’ve decided to improve your technical game and level up your seduction skills, enabling you to minimize the luck factor with your dream girls as you journey toward absolute abundance.

But if only there were something definitive you could use for effective practice, like a set of training wheels to help you test pickup techniques, learn them, and internalize them. Then you could become a skilled seducer who develops his personal and practical applications of girl-getting concepts.

This is where gambits and routine stacks come in.

Because seeing or memorizing examples of frame control, pickup lines, sex talk, and fascinating conversations can give you a helpful boost for your learning curve in the art of conversation.

Daniel AdebayoAbout the Author: Daniel Adebayo

Daniel Adebayo made the far trek from sunny Nigeria to frosty Canada for school. There, he leverages a strong drive for success as he applies himself to both his university studies and romantic pursuits.


Jose garcia's picture

Hi, Daniel. I've read several of your articles and old reports and well I can say that the quality and experience in your seductions and a tight game of advanced level can be noticed and on the other hand I've learned and I'm still learning new tactics that you show me I adapt them and I don't wait to try it on the next girl I meet... tactics like listing, contrast, Curiosity Baits, and so on. . now I've started to practice and adopt to my repertoire more advanced things like the use of pnl in, Openers to Pace her Reality, gambits that evoke emotions and sexual ... things like (SOT'S, Emotional Narratives, and Sexual Framing that also inspired me from Alek) well what I want to get at is that if you can clarify several points:

A.) Do you use sexual narratives after you get to the hookup point? Or to instigate a girl who doesn't talk much or invests little in the conversation and make her curious and inverse ( ask you personal questions) that make her interested in knowing you? If so, you can illustrate with an example of your experiences.

B.) What frame control techniques do you know besides making her curious, or accepting our frame? That is, if you can get a more explanatory article on different persuasive framing tactics e.g. when the girl says she has to leave, or that she won't have sex because she has a boyfriend but doesn't put up much of a fight, or that she's just looking for a boyfriend relationship and not casual sex... etc. if you can explain these I mentioned and some others you know would be great.

C.) What books or Pnl material do you recommend to keep reinforcing the emotional gambits and narratives, SoT's.. ?

Finally I made my own Pacing and Leading in Openers gambits online and it's working great even by text game if you want to see how I did it I can post it here...

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

Witcher's picture

Very good gambit Daniel.
I was looking for an alternative to Chase standard deep diving process that goes from what she do for a living. However I always found that many times Job related question stays on the surface, or the girl will try to give you a standard answer for social aprooval.

But with this one, Which place she would want to visit. It wil always go to the emotional almsot directly until you manage it very bad. It can work even with girls who never travelled for whatever reasons. Also very easy to trasition to sexual framing topics.

One question tough, do you see it as usable on dates rather than the approach?

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