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How to Follow Up with Your Openers and Start a Conversation

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how to follow up after opening a girl
You've just delivered your opener and sparked her interest, but what now? These simple conversation tips will help you get an engaging conversation going.

Have you ever wondered how to follow up with your openers?

Maybe you’ve met some girls who were excited during your approach, but by the time you asked them out, their interest levels had diminished, leaving you with flaky phone numbers or worse.

You might even remember those experiences when meeting new women. “Now, if only I knew what to say,” you think to yourself during this early transition phase. Then it happens all over again.

Because once you start worrying about where to take your conversation, that fog of indecision shrivels your odds of getting her out on a date with you. After all, it only takes a few moments to create a strong first impression, but its positive effects on your seduction can evaporate just as quickly.

Repeated encounters with stifled conversations and those awkward silences have even led many aspiring seducers to abandon verbal game altogether and become advocates of a nonverbal approach.

Though, if you’ve been reading Girls Chase for a while, you’re probably aware that it’s a combination of the two that will supercharge your game. And while improving your fundamentals is often seen as a straightforward enough goal, many students of the game believe the road to becoming a good conversationalist is a confusing and complex journey.

But what if I told you there are simple ways to make your conversations interesting? What if there were some straightforward maxims you could follow to take her initial attraction to new heights?

There are several easy tips you can follow to boost your conversation skills.

We’ll be covering some that are best suited for the early parts of your seductions. And by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to follow up your openers effectively.

Daniel AdebayoAbout the Author: Daniel Adebayo

Daniel Adebayo made the far trek from sunny Nigeria to frosty Canada for school. There, he leverages a strong drive for success as he applies himself to both his university studies and romantic pursuits.


Witcher's picture

The article that came at time since i'am working on my cold approaches.

I'm using your Golden Question for a time now, mostly in a warm approach. So I'm wondering is where it related to what you have shared in this article.

Would you use it as a way to do the second maxim, getting to know her? Or is it a way to go deeper after we have followed up with any of the two methods you described?

Keep up the good content :D

Daniel Adebayo's picture

Hey there Witcher!

Glad to hear you found this article useful.

I recommend asking girls the Golden question after you've started following the second maxim. Because if you can establish a sense of adventure first, then following up with the Golden question will allow you to smoothly probe deeper in a conversation where her emotions are already activated.

For extra tips and strategic info on these types of engaging conversations, have a look at this article:

I think you'll find the section on the revamped versions of the Golden Question quite interesting.

And feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.

Witcher's picture

I just saw the answer, thanks for the insights.
I would love to follow up with some other observations/questions:

When it comes to talking about myself, I am used to withholding information first as my default answer, I learned that from swing cat books. So my usual answer is like ""Guess" and sometimes I make girls really go crazy, it's incredible how curious female nature can be. However, I also find that doing it with question about my job backfire, especially for girls I meet online. The moment they start to ask me questions about my job and I dodge them they way it is usually advised, they start to be turned off. Maybe its because I only found gold diggers or it is the girl's way of assuring that I'm not a psychopath or they think I may be ashamed of my employment situation, still a mystery. So, for now, my solution is to tell them what I do but stay vague enough to keep mystery and then redirect the conversation to her.

Now even if there are two ways: about me and about her. Should we still always redirect the conversation to her as soon as possible? Or is it perfectly possible to do a full pick-up with the girls trying to solve the mystery that is the men in front of her?

Keep up the great content

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