How to Build a Woman Cloud (and Unlock Abundance Mentality) | Girls Chase

How to Build a Woman Cloud (and Unlock Abundance Mentality)

Chase Amante

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woman cloud
Dating is a lot more fun if you have a cloud of women to choose from. To build your woman cloud, you’ll need a slightly different approach to follow-up.

This article revolves around a common question I get asked – about an issue with a particular kind of seduction, with a particular kind of girl. Maybe she’s hotter than the usual… or maybe there was a genuine connection, or the stakes felt pretty high. I’m sure most of the readers have run into similar situations during certain levels of their progress… I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

Maybe you met her at a bookstore, or on the street, or at a bar. You traded phone numbers and tried to set up a date. She’s busy. Or you set up a date, and she flaked. A lot of seducers at the intermediate level and below tend to get quite bothered by this issue. And I certainly did, too.

And what’s the solution? Better texting? Making a stronger impression? Both are valid things to try. However, those aren’t the types of things that address the deeper problem, which is:


An abundance mentality is something that has been discussed on Girls Chase before. And most of us already have an idea of what it looks like… or should look like. To a seducer with abundance mentality, that particular seduction or that particular girl isn’t a cause for concern... because there’s always going to be another girl willing to go to bed.

But you might be curious… how can one cultivate such an attitude?

It usually takes a few years – and heaps of experience – before this starts to take shape. It doesn’t happen overnight. But what if you could develop a higher level of abundance… let’s say, in a few weeks’ effort, or a month, or even… this time next week?

That might sound like a tall order… but it’s something that can definitely be done.

Daniel AdebayoAbout the Author: Daniel Adebayo

Daniel Adebayo made the far trek from sunny Nigeria to frosty Canada for school. There, he leverages a strong drive for success as he applies himself to both his university studies and romantic pursuits.


Joshukend's picture

Hey Daniel,

Awesome Article! I love the idea and the setup, but I'm curious if you can make this work for girls from shorter interactions?

Like you said, moving for a date over text soon after meeting her, is very hit or miss for me (strangely it hit more at first and is dropping very low). Can you add these girls to the cloud, or how do you go about setting up dates from shorter interactions? (How long do you wait for the first text and how long before you ask about her schedule? I've been texting within a couple hours and ask on the first or second message. I had a couple same day lays, and several good dates at first, but now every number I get has been dead)

Thanks man!

Daniel Adebayo's picture

Glad you enjoyed the article!

You can definitely make it work with shorter interactions, I've done it myself and I know a few others who have too. The underlying part of the process is building a bubble. Each time I got one of those going... my first text always got a response.

However as to the actual texting, and setting up consistent dates. That's a topic you can expect an article about.

Witcher's picture

Great concept,

I started to naturally come with this idea. Usually, in GC we recommend first date sex and event instant date but even if these ar the best process I can't always operate that way. In the beginning, I was just throwing away girls which whom I can't get on date 1 or in short time but I find myself loosing a lot of girls that I know I could get because failure togo from meet to sex fast was due to life and not her attraction level.  That was even truer in either small city where I live or when i was an intern in a big city like Tokyo. Girs can't always come to date near my place.

I also meet girls primarily through social circle or extended social circle and warm approach.So I have a tons of great giris on my Facebook and other media. Wanted to find a way to get them! So I started to go with this idea.

My big steaking point right knw is more of how to get these girls from the could to the date? Started a casual conversation first then invite them? Invite them directly?  If you can elabrate on that that would be great!



1984's picture

Hey daniel, I just discovered this article of yours and I thought it's great!

I got 100 plus numbers from cold approach this year, but many of them don't reply to the first text. My approaches are normally short (1-2 mins on average. cause they are usually in a rush. i would love to talk to them more before getting their numbers but the circumstances don't allow that.)

Are you able to get still get girls out even if they don't reply to the first text? If so, what do you do?

Also, a lot of girls who text back just stop texting after a while, or they give very short replies. What do you do to build the cloud with these type of girls? Multiple texts over months? Flirty texts? What is your texting style like? Would be great if you have specifics. =) I don't want to just throw away these numbers because it is such a waste.

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