Relentless Pragmatism Pt. 3: Zen and Naturally Attractive Personas | Girls Chase

Relentless Pragmatism Pt. 3: Zen and Naturally Attractive Personas

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zen game naturally attractive persona
Let’s talk about Zen Game and how to build a naturally attractive persona that draws women like moths to your flame. As always, there are two ways to go about it.

Hang on to your helmets, guys. Today’s article will be a healthy dose of relentless pragmatism.

We’re moving forward with the razor-sharp analysis of various dating methods and manuals that have taken over the seduction community since its conception several years ago.

For the readers who’ve been following this series, today’s article is another impassioned yet comprehensive look at the three schools of seduction. These are the pervasive, overarching, lady-killer guidebooks the vast majority of advice, techniques, and dating tips are grouped into.

Read on as I give you an eye-opening and relentlessly pragmatic perspective on the ins and outs of each of the three schools:

  • Volume Game Class: The Screeners
  • Zen Game Class: The Naturals
  • Influence Game Class: The Controllers

Now, if this is your first time seeing this distinction, don’t worry. I wrote a primer on these distinctive paths to dating success, detailing the importance of splitting the multitude of practical advice into these diverse categories.

This is a common experience as you work at an improved dating life. It’s easy to get confused after seeing all the tactics and methods that seem to be at odds with each other. This series should help clear that up. I’ve touched on each seduction class or school’s unique approach to getting girls, as well as advantages, disadvantages, and suitable venues to meet women.

In my last article, we started with a sharp dissection of the Volume game class, highlighting the subtle nuances of how to screen for interested women. I gave you processes to work with, so you can find the girls eager to bend over backward for Mr. Right Now. We did this by taking a pragmatic look at diverse crossroads on the screeners’ path to dating success through the eyes of two gritty and remarkably determined students of the game, Pete and Matthew.

Today’s article will pick up where we left off. Let’s follow these two successful screener’s joint decision to continue their journey toward new heights, by venturing into the Zen game class, with a focus on creating an attractive persona.

We’ll see how learning the natural’s perspective on meeting and bedding desirable women sharpens their intuitive understanding of what women find attractive. Matthew and Pete will be in the perfect position to augment and refine the dating skillsets they started developing in the Volume game class.

Pete and Matthew take diverging paths as they progress in this school of seduction. By learning alongside with them and following in their footsteps, you can also craft an attractive personality, develop your intuitive understanding of charisma, and find out how to transform your current traits into sexually persuasive ones.

Those who subscribe to the Zen game class learn from naturals. Their perspective on the path to dating success involves the application of attractive behaviors and fundamentals that naturally captivate the women who get to bask in your energy. Determined students of the Zen game class will meet lots of women and cold cold approach. Once you get good, you’ll likely be sleeping with more women and getting laid more regularly compared to the majority of naturals. The typical natural relies on his social circles and prioritizes meeting women in niche venues like college campuses, the workplace, and career positions with social dominance.

So, if you’d like to join the esteemed ranks of men who intrigue, excite, and sweep women off their feet with a natural’s ease, read on.

Daniel AdebayoAbout the Author: Daniel Adebayo

Daniel Adebayo made the far trek from sunny Nigeria to frosty Canada for school. There, he leverages a strong drive for success as he applies himself to both his university studies and romantic pursuits.


DJM's picture


I love your articles and the great insight they provide. I live in a relatively small European city. I am new to Game and primarily want to focus on daygame due to my schedule and finances. Until I found your work, the only daygame advice I came across was the London Style Direct (volume class) Game. Due to the relatively small population of my city (a little over a million) it is difficult to constantly do volume game with direct openers and heavy polarization techniques without attracting too much attention at the few places that have a high volume of women. Can a newbie like me, start off with any of the other classes? I understand as a newbie I have to do 100s of approaches to get really good, but can I do them employing Controller Class methods which are not as overt and more under the radar? Would be grateful for your advice. Thanks for your amazing work.

Daniel Adebayo's picture

Hey DJM, thanks for the kind words.

To answer your question properly, I need to clear up a few things about the 3 schools of seduction.

Each game-class has their unique dating tools, tactics, concepts. But subscibing to Volume, Zen or Influence Game isn't just about making use techniques from that class. It's the application of their prime objectives that actually makes you a screener, natural or controller. This is what it means to subsribe to a game-class. Anyway, here they are:

  • Volume Game: Find who want to hook up and lead these interactions to sex 
  • Zen Game: Grow into your best self and seduce women with congurence
  • Influence Game: Control the frame and take girls off their scrips

So yes, you can learn and make use use of techniques from any of school of seduction, but your current skill-level will dictate which of these prime objectives you should adopt.  

To save yourself from garnerning a negative repuatiton as you learn cold approach in a smaller city, I recommend learning maximizing stratgies and risk-averse ways to meet women like situational openers, curiosity gambits, reality pace openers (check the comment section for day-game examples) also learn how to calibrate your openers to her situation. Because you're new, even while learning cutting-edge techniques from other classes, you still need to focus your efforts on using them to find girls who want to hook up and lead these interactions towards sex.  

And to save yourself from an overwhelming sense of frustration in your journey, don't change your prime objective until you've racked up some sizzling sexual experiences with DTF girls. 



DJM's picture

Thank you very much Daniel for your detailed reply. Just to recap to ensure I have understood you correctly, I can make use of situational, reality pace openers thereby using maximization techniques to meet women and ensuring I don't develop a negative reputation, but however my goal should still be that of the screener, to find DTF girls and take them to bed. And I do this by at some point during the interaction screening them using some polarization or making my intent clear?

Also, I have heard you say that you do just 2-3 approaches per session nowadays. But for a beginner like me, what volume of approaches per week would you recommend? And do I concentrate on stationary girls and slowly moving girls and forget street stops?

Daniel Adebayo's picture

That's right, you can use these techniques, but your goal is finding the girls who want to hook up with you.

As you continue working on your fundamentals, habitually approach new girls (I recommend 10 approaches per week or if you're really motivated 10 approaches every session) in a low-key fashion. After sharing some minutes of banter, building compliance and getting past small talk, you'll start to notice more and more girls showing you signs of interest

These girls are DTF so ask them out and exchange phone numbers. 

If you want to avoid polarizing as much as possible, you can also leave out regular street-stops. They're much better options for larger cities with higher population counts. That being said, you can approach cute girls who check you out while walking on the street or inside a mall, because these girls want to hook up.



DJM's picture

Thanks a lot Daniel. I will be out in the field today, putting it into practise.

On another note though, I was just curious if a beginner who asked you for advice did live in a bigger city, would you recommend the hard street stops and direct opener style Game? I remember you saying it makes you a "One trick pony" when it comes to opening?

RealJames's picture

hi Daniel,

I find your content very useful.

Do you offer any private/personal coaching or consultation or any way at all to work with you directly?

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