Relentless Pragmatism Pt. 4: Influence Game and Optimization | Girls Chase

Relentless Pragmatism Pt. 4: Influence Game and Optimization

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Daniel Adebayo's picture

influence game seduction
Now that we’ve covered Volume and Zen Game, let’s discuss how learning Influence techniques and optimization can turn you into a seduction savant.

Welcome back, students of the game.

In this series, we’ve been looking at the journey of learning pickup from the ground up. We’ve looked at:

  • Steps you can take to become more attractive

  • Different ways to screen for receptive girls you want to meet

  • Naturally attractive personas you can adopt to transform your results with women

As we've explored the schools of seduction, one recurring topic is the pragmatic implications of dating advice from each game class. We’ve also looked closely at polarization and maximization and the effects each have on your style and how women react to you.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect girlfriend, looking to build an impressive and varied roster of casual lovers, or reinventing yourself as Don Juan to carpe diem your way into scads of beautiful women, this series shows how relentless pragmatism can help you climb the ladder toward an improved sex life and amazing results with women.

Today, we’ll look at the Influence game class and start examining more advanced, cutting-edge applications of this mindset. I’ll break these down into simple, straightforward ideas that anyone can understand and use. These skills will help you ascend beyond plateaus and sticking points, all the way up to a penthouse of dating success, packed with sexy girls of your choosing. Experienced readers and ambitious students of the game may find today’s insights especially advantageous for gaining awareness of the criteria used by the best seducers to define progress and dating success.

We’ll also discuss specific tips (with a little help from Pete and Matthew) on how to optimize your girl-getting process according to specific parameters of mastery. Regardless of your current level of experience when it comes to picking up girls, by the end of this article, you will notice a deeper sense of familiarity with the process of making progress.

You might be content staying in one of the other two game classes, or you don’t feel quite ready to subscribe to the Influence game class just yet. The discussion topics today will be broad and multifaceted. You can easily cherry-pick a couple of useful techniques, innovative ideas, or insights into female psychology to bring more positive experiences as you meet and seduce women.

It’s essential for seducers who are subscribed to the Volume or Zen game class to learn and internalize the concepts of these classes. To succeed as a controller, you’ll need solid fundamentals and a decent amount of experience with cold approach. Rushing through game classes often leads to much bigger learning curves with other schools of seduction. But you might be a seducer who understands the game class you’ve subscribed to but wish to solve nagging sticking points. You want to start sleeping with women more often or take the quality of their lovers to the next level. It’s crucial to realize when you’ve reached your ceiling as a screener or natural. So if you are at a plateau, it might be time to move forward.

Don’t worry if you’re still getting the hang of Zen or Volume game. You’ll easily become proficient by learning alongside our protagonists, Matthew and Pete, and applying the concepts discussed in this series regarding previous schools of seduction. This article serves as an inspiring sneak peek at what’s possible when you inject your dating lifestyle with a double dose of relentless pragmatism.


1984's picture

Hey daniel, thanks again for your article. As usual, lots of great insight and made me realise something about my progress too.

You mentioned that mastery is made up of efficiency and effectiveness. If i just want to get more beautiful women, or higher quality women, does it fall under efficiency or effectiveness?

Would a volume camp practictioner be able to get very beautiful high quality girls, like the controller camp as well? Or he would not be able to get those super high quality girls even if he does the numbers game (maybe 100 approaches/week)?

Finally, in your opinion what is better for learning game:

1. Going on a approach spree of 40 in a day and that's it for the week

2. Doing 3 sessions of 13-14 approaches, total 40 per week

3. Clocking 40 approaches spreaded evenly throughout everyday of the week? (about 4-5 per day)

I am more inclined to do a lower daily volume but on a daily basis, but I am interested to see if a concentrated burst brings about better growth.


Daniel Adebayo's picture

Hey 1984,

Glad to hear you find my musings insightful. As for your question on bedding beautiful high-quality girls that's a question of effectiveness, since these girls don't make up the bulk of the female population, to get them consistently you'll need much better odds of success than the average seducer.

I've taken these girls to bed as a screener and as a controller... the difference is just consistency.  

So yes, you can get them in the volume game class. It'll just be a matter of working the numbers game and meeting lots of women. So you can find the beautiful high-quality girls who are receptive from the get-go. Most of receptive women you'll meet won't be of this caliber though, this is especially true in the early phases of your journey as a screener. Like I mentioned in the primer on the 3 schools:

Lowered odds of success with hotter women. It’s no secret that attractive women, all the way up to the most beautiful women out there, don’t represent the bulk of the female population you see out and about during the day, night, or on online dating sites. Most women in most cities range from fairly cute down to average, and all the way down to visually unappealing. And because the screener has to meet loads of women to succeed, sifting through large volumes of them is a big part of what seducers in this class view as necessary; it’s quite likely the women he will be taking to bed aren’t going to be stunners (most of the time). Since very attractive women are relatively few in number, he might find himself having to screen most of them out. Sure, he’ll come across a gorgeous woman who happens to be immediately receptive to his advances every once in a while... but being confined mainly to the larger population of women who are simply cute or average looking, only to just occasionally score with a real beauty, is one of the harsh realities the screener has to come to terms with.

To answer your question on learning game, your 2nd idea is the best one. 13-14 approaches per day, 3 times a week. This ensures you get to take advantage of some momentum every session, giving you ample opportunitiy to find more receptive girls each time around, and learn game at a much faster rate.



1984's picture

I must have missed the primer on your series; I'll go and read.

Thanks for your advice on practice frequency. I'll try it out as best as I can.

I agree that beautiful women are not the bulk of the female population and it can be hard to find them. Does that ever give you some feeling of lack or neediness, since it is hard to find them? And how do you deal with it if you have it before?

I know I can definitely approach them in the day if I ever meet them (unless they are on the phone or with guys), but the problem is I don't even see the stunners on a weekly basis. Since they are not in abundant supply (compared to cute girls), I actually don't have as much practice as I want with this class of girls, nor do I have enough results with them.

Thanks for your replies again

Daniel Adebayo's picture

The cure for any form of neediness is abundance.

You need to become so good at seduction, that your odds of going to bed with beautiful women is still high, even though such women are a smaller part of the population. So to get started on the road to abundance with stunning girls. . . you need to get more comfortable gaming these girls. I'd recommend branching out and expanding your day game stomping grounds, start approaching women in coffee shops, transit venues, public parks, malls, grocery stores, clothing stores or even college campuses. 

Your goal is to find venues, that bring you more opportunities to meet girls of this caliber. Because seeing these girls less than once a week won't do. You might even want to search up potential day game venues on social media, and check the tagged photos to see it's a place frequented by beauties in your area.

Think of this social media search as a way to gather some intel.



1984's picture

Checking daygame places where hot girls go on social media... I honestly haven't thought of that. It's a great idea. Thanks.

Also, how do you approach in coffeeshops or clothing stores without looking strange if you're not a customer there? Maybe its not so bad if its a coffeeshop but clothing stores, especially more female centric ones could turn out to be strange. (she or the shop owners, security etc feels you shouldn't be here, especially if you go back to the same store and approach there multiple times)

Jericho123's picture

Hi Daniel,

This is a great article, I found it to be reall illuminating and got me to thinking about what you would do for certain edge cases that are encountered. For example, Chase advocates a ball in her court text when a girl is hemming and hawing or has not responded positively to 3 ask outs. I've had a few cases where I ball in court a girl and she ends up responding back something like, 

"Hey I saw you today on the bus while I was walking hahaha" or she responded with 7 messages talking all about things that happened during her day right after the ball in court text.

This is sort of an edge case to me because if I respond, the ball in court text loses its touch, and I feel things might be back in my court now. If I don't respond, she might just think I lost all interest, when in reality I am waiting to respond to a text from her telling me she is free again. 

How would you handle something like that? And do you have any thoughts how to go about situations like these generally?

Daniel Adebayo's picture

With the girl you mentioned specifically, the right move is. . . no reply.

As you know, if you reply to what she said. . . then the ball is no longer in her court. Give her radio silence for a week. Because you're a busy lothario, who has other girls to seduce. She might change her tune during this time, and hit you up to give you her schedule.

Or if you don't hear anything, she'll be wondering if she lost her chance with you. Then after you can hit her up with a "Hey" and after her reply "Still on for that coffee / drink / whatever you invited her to."



Jericho123's picture

Thanks Daniel,

Unfortunately, I ended up giving a quick reply about two days after, where I wrote:

"that def sounds like it was me hahah"

Do you feel this kind of message would throw it back into my court? I haven't heard from her in about 2 weeks now. Thanks!

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