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3 Relationship Boundaries You Must Set to Avoid Toxic Situations

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relationship rules
By laying down hard, rational boundaries early in your relationship, you foster respect rather than chaos. These 3 boundaries are key in avoiding toxic situations.

Today I met up with one of my best friends, a true natural who really amped up his game in the last few years. He is one of those dudes, who with such a great abundance of hot girls, was non-reactive when he met them. Girls stuck to him like glue, so our notorious Alek Rolstad gave him the nickname “Mr. Magnet.”

Besides our time spent in the field of women, he is my trusted gym buddy. In the last month, he has been absent from our almost-daily lifting sessions. I thought he’d been sick, but he told me a while back that he entered into a monogamous relationship with this girl he’d been seeing. This struck me as odd because this dude seldom felt he could like one girl for the long term.

While grabbing some coffee and catching up on his new relationship, she came by, and I got to meet her. She’s very sweet, but I could sense she was one of those girls who want control over any guy she's with. When she left, I told him what I had perceived, and gave him some pointers about what he should do and not do to have a drama-free and harmonious relationship.

I have a lot of experience with keeping long-term relationships on your own terms. While breaking it down to him, I realized my fellow readers on Girls Chase could benefit from these essential rules – every guy starting a relationship should fervently follow them.

Pablo GarciaAbout the Author: Pablo Garcia

A Spanish native, Pablo was a longtime poster on seduction forums mASF and SedFast (as Pelusita). He's a one-time winner of the Fantasy PUA League... where the seducer with the greatest number of lay reports in a year wins. He specializes in physical game.


Zorz's picture

I get the point of #1 and 3 rules. On #2 if it is a serious relationship I disagree. For a casual relationship it's ok.

Why would you enter a serious relationship with someone that you don't trust and then you need to set this rule just to pretend that you trust her? Why take for granted that she will flirt with other guys and expect hell if you search her phone? And if this is truly the case, why would you want a serious relationship with such a woman, only to end up in chaotic situations? Or is it that you don't trust yourself, so you can't trust anyone? Anyway, rule #2 is a terrible way to start a serious relationship. Almost as if you set up the frame that this relationship will be full of lies, hiding and cheating from both sides. And how can you manage conflict resolution when you are not honest and faithful with each other? When she has nothing to hide she doesn't care if you check her phone her fb profile etc. She doesn't give a damn. When she has something to hide she will be very upset. If you see her upset, pack up your things and leave or keep things casual if you can manage your feelings.

Most women lie. Sure they do. So screen hard for someone that doesn't and then get serious. 

Ideal rule #2 for a serious relationship would be no male friends and no flirting for her and the same for me with other females. This only if you feel in your guts that you can keep her satisfied and happy and she can do the same for you for a long long time. Otherwise you can keep things casual and you can use the rule that you mentioned.


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