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Walk the Line

Chase Amante

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Going to venture into morally questionable territory here, so bear with me. Even if you don’t agree with my decision to get intimate anyway with a girl who loved her boyfriend (though she clearly did quite a lot to put herself in the position to get together with me), I still think the topic we’re going to discuss will be well worth your time, so do read on.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Jus's picture

I once shared an assignment with a lady in our office with whom we became very good friends. We would chat all the time and laugh a lot. now, the lady has a fiance but when we are not together she would always text and always says she misses me a lot. What i dont i understand is, whenever I call she doesn answer but 6hrs later sends texts. We went for a date once and had fun. After the date she texted immediately thanking me. I've tried to set another date but she is evasive yet as I said she texts every 2 days about missing me. She ones told me i joke a lot and she cannot know if am serious about her.

Please advise, if i have a chance there. Forgive my lack of paragraphs.

J.W.'s picture

Dear Chase.

You're article is an art !
Well reasoned, Easy to follow, Detailed.
I'm very grateful for every thoughts and efforts and information you put out.
I'm wondering how many "not-walking-the-line-incidents" you have experienced before you "walked the line". (There must be trial-and-learn period right?)

To all my hearts,

Thank you,


Anony's picture

Well, from what I see in the converstion it doesn't seem that she actually feels guilty, it appears to be more like she's saying and feeling what she thinks she should say based on what people have told her, in this case that cheating is wrong and that she should feel bad. Furthermore this can be seen form the way she answers the question "Why is it bad?" Although she is emotional and can't reason because of it, my guess would be that if she knew, and she does, why cheating is wrong she would have reacted differently, she could have said something in the sense that it's wrong because she promised him fidelity and broke that promise or something similar, but she didn't, she mushed something and left you with a lot of space to convince her otherwise.

From what I see in this conversation it looks like she's trying to get your attention so that you make her feel better, if she didn't want your comfort she would not have even mentioned it to you. You could have said that she's not a bad person in many more ways, but it doesn't really matter because the thing that she really wants is that you make her feel good about herself, so I wouldn't take anything she says here seriously because she was helping you make her feel better, this includes the part where she says that she just likes her boyfriend, it may be true that:

1) she just likes him
2) she loves him but won't admit it so that she feels better about cheating
3) because of the speration she lost some feeling for him
4) she forgot her feeling for him because of the strong recent feeling for you

and so on, but you can't conclude anything because she wants you to make her feel better and a lot of oxytocin from the sex (orgasms) and cuddling is interfering with her reasoning and is making her more susceptible to your words. All of this reminds me of this post when the girl leaves a lot of space for you to convince her that she is artistic and that she passes your screening.

Anyhow, I hope that when you're judging if having an affair is moral and should you do something like this again based on former experience that you're taking in to account the above.

Beck's picture

So reading this again made me remember two dates I had with different chicks long time ago where both started unloading a lot of personal stuff, mostly with that negative vibe, like "Oh, they made me smoke that shit but I don't ever wanna do that again" or "I feel like I don't really have true friends, everyone just wanna use me". I was a big slowpoke back then and totally failed at getting us together, and I think that's what caused their behaviour. Why girls start unloading that kind of shit? I know they were attracted to me and I was not showing that much interest in them so I wonder if they did this because they hoped sharing these deep dark stuff would make me save the day or I just totally got slotted into the gal pal thing already. Also how to handle that kind of thing? You say you confort her but with a neutral voice tone but still she shared these negative stories with you, how do you move on and get on a seductive mood again? Thanks again Chase, anyone with ideas please answer.

Anine's picture

Hi chase 

so I’ve been through a mostly similar situation to the one in your article, however the main difference is that I’m interested in a relationship with said girl.

so my question is , would you advise me to pursue an exclusive relationship with such a girl or are they better left off as FWBs

and for that matter, do these girls ever settle down with one man and build a family or are they destined for a life of constant change and thrill chasing?

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