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A Golden Question for Building Rapport in Day Game

Chase Amante

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day game rapport
Rapport is a powerful tool to rapidly gain trust, intimacy, and compliance in girls you’ve just met. One golden question is all you need to get things rolling.

In my previous article about day game, we covered some logistical aspects of the endeavor. In this installment, we’ll be looking at some simple, effective tools you can use to build rapport.

If you are a new Girls Chase reader, or inexperienced with day game or the seduction community, you might be wondering what rapport is, or why it’s important.

Luckily, rapport is something pretty much everyone has experienced in one form or another.

Rapport is the pleasurable feeling you get with the people you share a common ground or feel some form of connection with, and even trust to some extent. You will have had feelings of rapport with family members, people from work or school, and of course, your friends. It’s something you’re already familiar with, rather than some crazy, foreign concept.

In this article, we’re going to be focusing on how you can effectively build rapport with complete strangers – namely, the attractive women you meet via day game. Rapport is closely linked with trust. The more rapport you have with a girl, the more likely she’ll trust you, and the more likely you’ll end up getting her phone number, meeting her for a date, and being intimate with her.

By effectively building rapport with her, you’re increasing your chances of success in your interaction. Whether that involves getting a solid phone number or even taking her home for a same-day pull, rapport is something that will help you accomplish either – or preferably, both!

Daniel AdebayoAbout the Author: Daniel Adebayo

Daniel Adebayo made the far trek from sunny Nigeria to frosty Canada for school. There, he leverages a strong drive for success as he applies himself to both his university studies and romantic pursuits.


Andrew Banks's picture

Hi Adebayo,
What city do you currently stay at?
In Toronto, there's the city and downtown areas that gets so much attention. Would you attempt day game there?

Daniel Adebayo's picture

Hey Andrew,

I can't leak my exact location for privacy reasons, at least, not right now, sorry about that.

However, I have day gamed in Toronto a number of times, and I would definitely recommend heading towards the city and the downtown areas, to day game. Downtown malls, the street, bookstores, coffee shops are all fair game! Because that's where all the hot girls are ;)

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