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Your initial approach: how you first start talking to that girl you really like.

Even the Best Compliments for Girls Can Fail

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compliments for girls
A girl’s reaction to your compliments can be a great screening tool and indicator of interest. But not all compliments are created equal in this regard.

Compliments are a good way to demonstrate interest. They’re hard to ignore and very clear in their intent. For guys who haven’t yet learned how to be sexy or demonstrate sexual interest with their eyes, face, and body language, a compliment cuts through all ambiguity and makes your case to her clear – “I want you.”

From that compliment, she will make a decision. Is she going to outright reject you? Will she be polite about it? Maybe she’ll entertain you for a little bit and see what more there is to you.

And sometimes, she’ll buy in completely because that’s what she wanted to hear from you. What’s important for you to recognize is how she specifically reacts to your compliment. That’s a critical juncture in the seduction.

If you can get a handle on what compliments to use and when, you can prevent some bad reactions. But that’s not how it always goes. Rejection from some women is inevitable. What’s important when facing rejection is to see how complete it is. If rejection is inevitable, then the question is about saving time: “Is she worth putting more time and energy into?”

Let’s first dive into the types of compliments.

10 Reasons Beaches Are Better for Meeting Women

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By: Tony Depp

beaches are better
Beaches are laden with scantily-clad girls with nothing better to do than watch your stuff. If clubs aren’t your thing – or even if they are – find yourself a beach!

The beach is probably the best place in the world for meeting sexy, receptive, barely-dressed women. Better than a nightclub? Hell yeah, bro. I argue they’re way better, less expensive, and easier.

My recent exploits include a trip to Thailand, where I basically lived on beaches for seven weeks and went on a date with a new, beautiful girl almost every day. I also grew up in a small town that was nestled between two beaches. Suffice to say, I know beach game.

You might be thinking you don’t have ripped abs, your legs are too skinny, or whatever other limiting belief(s) you grasp on to. Sure, women like fit men, but they also like brave men, funny men, intelligent men, and charming men. I’m not tall or ripped myself – and I slay at the beach, and you can too.

When Girls Think You're a Player (Then Shut You Down)

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girl thinks you're a player
If a girl thinks you’re a player, it can be a pretty uphill battle with her after that. Here’s why she thinks you’re a player – plus how to remove the ‘tells’.

I counseled a friend recently who's struggled with women for sometime. He's a bit of a 'hard case' - a guy who's been in the game a long time, is friends with many very skilled seducers, and is highly skilled at the early part of approaching and meeting women, and even good at getting girls back to his place... but he has lots and lots of trouble sealing the deal with women. After the first kiss at his place, they invariably leave.

Guys like this can be tough to work with, because things that work for almost everyone else stubbornly don't for them. And you run into the issue of the guy not knowing exactly what's wrong himself, and it being hard to diagnose if you don't spend a lot of time with him in-person.

However, one clue recently was his report on a date that didn't pan out. Early on into the date, the girl closed off a bit and made remarks such as "How fast do you usually have sex with the women you have sex with?" and "I'm someone who doesn't just hop in bed right away." This, mind you, was not when he was trying to take her home, or touching her, or hitting on her - this was early into the date, when they'd just arrived at the date location and just began to talk.

This friend gets comments like from other women too; sometimes on dates, sometimes back at his place.

And while it is common to get girls telling you things like "This is too fast for me" or "Do you always move this fast with girls?" once you're back at your place with them, peeling their clothes off, the farther removed you get from that while still receiving these comments, the more of a problem you know you have.

In this case, the problem is the 'player vibe problem'. The problem is she feels like you are a heartless player, and she is only the latest slab of meat to cross your path.

Obviously, for successful seduction purposes, this is one perception you'd like to dispel.

Tactics Tuesdays: Girl Blinders

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girl blinders
Do you want to talk to a girl, but there’re people around and you feel unconfident? Put on ‘girl blinders’, and make your audience disappear.

You’re out in public. Could be on the train, on a street, in a bar, in a café, in a grocery store. You see a cute girl. She gives you a coy glance and you think she’d like to meet.

Only then... you take a glance yourself at all the people around you. There are a lot of them. If you approach that girl, they’ll notice.

You’ve never spoken to these people before. Odds are good you won’t see any of them again. Yet, they’ve immediately become the biggest obstacle to your approach. You may not even talk to this girl you’d like to meet, who looks like she’d like to meet you. All because there are people around, and you’re hesitant to approach in front of an audience.

There’s a simple little trick to get around this specific fear.

I call it ‘girl blinders’.

How to Hook Girls In, Pt.2: Speaker-Centered Pre-Openers

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speaker-centered pre-openers
Less pressure on her, more leeway for you. This simple technique lowers her defenses and sets you apart from all the ‘other’ guys.

Hey, guys, and welcome back. So, previously I shared a quick recap of the keys to hooking a girl – or a group – into a conversation.

The first minutes of an interaction with a stranger – e.g., in cold approach – can be the hardest, as she has no clue who you are and doesn’t really need a reason to tell you to get lost. In other words, you have little room for mistakes. You need to do things right. That is what this series is all about.

Hooking is all about getting a girl to willingly interact with you after you open. You can open a girl, but if she is not willing to keep up a conversation with you, an opening isn’t worth much.

The paradox when it comes to opening and hooking is that it is the phase where you have the least room for mistakes, yet also the part where you are the most nervous and prone to make mistakes.

Therefore, my goal here is two-fold:

  • To give you tips, tricks, and tools for opening and hooking smoothly – knowing “how” will make you more relaxed and less anxious during the initial phases

  • To make the process easier, requiring as little mental energy as possible

Many individuals fear approaching new people or environments. It is a bit scary, I won’t lie. Even the best seducers out there have those fears, to a degree. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with finding an almost risk-free way of approaching so you can relax a bit more and make the process easier for yourself, mentally and emotionally. That’s what we will cover now.

In my opinion, the way to make an opening smooth and efficient is to use a pre-opener beforehand. It’s not cheating, nor is it always a strategy for pussies. In fact, it’s a smart, fun, and most importantly, efficient way of opening.

How to Hook Girls In, Pt.1: The Pre-Opener

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Being able to open girls and hook them in quickly is essential. These pre-opening tools will help calm your nerves and make the process smoother.

So I listened to Gunwitch’s podcast, and in it he mentioned that passing through the hook-point – when you and the girl (or group) feel settled in an interaction, where you are part of it, not just a stranger from outside trying to get in – is usually the part of the interaction most guys struggle with.

It is also the part that makes guys most nervous, making it even more difficult. The reason this part is difficult is because you don’t have much time. Once you settle in, you have more time; but getting into an interaction with a group is something you only have a few seconds to do.

Their attention spans are short, as they are not yet focused on you. You will not get away with as much, because you have so little playing room. Remember, women don’t need a reason to reject you. Once you hook, you avoid this issue, because they are more dragged in, which gives you more room.

Women judge you based on their first impression. If you mess up, you are screwed. You don’t have much time to present your good qualities, and you have no room for mistakes.

In other words, it is during the initial phase that you must use a lot of brainpower. It is also then that you have to do things perfectly and care about every small detail.

Now, I'm not trying to freak you out.

Firstly, I will provide you with a lot of material that can help you to get it right. Secondly, once you have a girl or group hooked, the hardest part is over. You can then convey your attractive traits in an easier, more peaceful fashion.

Get Way More Out of Your Club Pickups with Mass Approaching

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mass approaching
Mass approaching gets a bum rap. When it’s used well, it stops being sloppy and scattershot… and becomes a savvy, effective way to meet many women in a hurry.

Rehearsing Your Approaches Before You Talk to Girls

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rehearse an approach
Do you ignore signs of interest from girls or get too nervous to approach? You may want to spend 5 minutes to rehearse approaches and scenarios in your mind.

If you’ve ever gone out to chat up new women and had approach anxiety hit, you know how much it sucked. You wanted to talk to girls, hoped to talk to girls, tried to talk to girls... then couldn’t.

You walked up next to a girl with the long black hair and the tight jeans on the street corner as she waited for the light to change. You said nothing.

You took a seat in a café next to a girl with medium-length blonde hair and big googly glasses. She glanced at you a few times, and you tried to summon your nerve. Yet your nerve went unsummoned, and you and her never spoke.

That night you went out with your buddies to the lounge, and this one girl in a sequined dance danced over right near you. You could tell she wanted to meet you. You tried to get yourself to say hi, but you didn’t say anything.

It might be you just weren’t socially warmed up. You lack social momentum, and needed to do some warm-ups – but you hadn’t done them yet.

You wish you could just spring into action the moment you saw a girl.

Is there a way you could?

Perhaps there is. Next time you go out, try to rehearse your approaches first.

7 Times to Eject from a Girl You've Just Met

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By: Chase Amante

eject from pickup
You’ve heard it’s good not to eject too soon with a girl you’ve just met. So when SHOULD you eject? Any of these 7 times, as it were.

Slightly more fun article today.


Tactics Tuesdays: Relaxed Openers in Bars with a Wingman

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relaxed bar opener
The relaxed bar opener lets you meet girls in a bar in a relaxed, natural, sociable way. All you need to do it is a cool wingman, and halfway decent fundamentals.

Much of what we talk about when it comes to cold approach centers on walking up to new women solo and delivering an opener. Often we discuss going out alone to meet girls. Or we might talk about rolling with a wingman, yet treat it as little different from rolling solo; just two guys roving the streets, bars, or parties on the prowl, and when one guy sees a girl he likes the looks of, he goes in.

Today’s article is about a more relaxed approach you can take while out with a wingman in a social venue (bars, parties, nightclubs), that makes it easy for you to meet new girls in a laid back, low pressure way, without looking like the ‘guy on a mission’ who goes around and chats up every available girl.

If you’re new to approaching and want an easy way for you and a friend to transition into chatting up new women, this is a prime candidate for that. Or even if you’re an old hand and simply prefer a more relaxed evening on the town, this approach serves nicely.

Let’s talk about what this approach is.