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A Young Man's Progression Through the Game

progression through the game
Follow the journey of a young man from shy and dateless, to improving with women, to living the dream… and what happens after.

Dan trudges off to his Thursday morning class, another long day in an endless sea of them ahead. The sole bright spot for him is the girl with brown hair and glasses. She will be there. She’s always in his Thursday morning class.

When he gets there, he grabs a seat, then looks around, waiting for her to show up. She hasn’t shown up yet. The class slowly fills. Some kid takes the empty seat to his left. Damn, he thinks. I hoped it’d stay empty until she gets here. Close to class start time, he sees the girl with brown hair and glasses walk in. He stares at her; her eyes search the room, looking for seats, then briefly meet his. He thinks he sees her smile, but she quickly looks down. She hurries off to a far corner of the room to take one of the few remaining empty seats.

All class, Dan thinks about her. He waits at the end of class, packing his books up slowly. He glances over toward her – it seems like she’s packing up slowly too. At last, after most of the class has filtered out, Dan makes for the exit, and so does the girl with brown hair and glasses. He lets her get right in front of him. She doesn’t look at him, but she glances down and wipes her hair back over one ear. He can’t tell, but he thinks she might be smiling. He feels like he should say something – this is his chance! – but he doesn’t know what to say. The both file out of the classroom; she heads off in one direction. Dan’s headed the other. He slowly walks away from her.

He doesn’t feel bad though. He feels even more certain she might like him now. And next class – he knows – will be the one he makes it happen in.

The semester passes this way. Many days the girl with brown hair and glasses doesn’t notice him or give him any signs, and he thinks she’s lost interest. Sometimes she gives him some little look, or plays with her hair while almost glancing in his direction, and he thinks she must like him still.

Once she sits two seats over from him, and he almost says something to her. He spends the entire class full of nerves, pushing himself to say something. In the end, he tells himself it’d be too awkward trying to talk over two seats – he’ll wait for a better opportunity. Next class, he’ll get a better opportunity.

As summer turns to autumn, then autumn to winter, the semester draws to a close. The fallen leaves on the ground are covered by a light dusting of snow. Finals are over, and it’s time for the students to head home for the holidays.

“Maybe the girl with brown hair and glasses will be in one of my classes next semester,” Dan tells himself.

How to Demand Respect, Pt 3: What Is Disrespectful Behavior?

disrespectful behavior
Disrespect can be direct – but often it’s cloaked. This article walks you through the many types of disrespect… and shows you how to recognize them.

In the first article of this series, we learned that the love of self is your greatest ally with women and socializing.

Then, in Part II, we tackled the three biggest myths others use to convince you that pride is bad.

If you haven’t read the other two articles yet, they’re not absolutely required reading for this part; it functions fine as a standalone article too. But I recommend you give them a read if you want the full picture we’ve been painting on respect.

In today’s article, Part III, we’ll get into how to recognize disrespectful behavior. We’ll also cover a few ways to tackle such behavior, though next time, in Part IV, we’ll really get into the details on how to deal with it.

On with Part III: what is and is not disrespect?

Why You Want to be Her First Choice Guy

first choice guy
You won’t always be a girl’s first choice. Yet there are distinct advantages to being her first choice guy – and drawbacks when you aren’t it.

Sometime back, in “Attraction is Either There, or It Isn’t”, we talked about two sorts of attraction. The first was what I called ‘fascination’, where a woman is attracted to you from the get-go; a kind of instinctive, unconscious attraction that is simply there. The second was excitement: a degree of liking, intrigue, attachment, or arousal you build up with time, even if fascination isn’t there at the outset.

Today’s article is related to this, though slightly different. We’ll talk about a girl’s first choice guy... versus her second choice guy or her third choice guy.

The first choice guy will usually be a guy she starts off with fascination-type attraction for. When you are her first choice, some aspect of you strikes her. You rocket to the top of her list of men she’d like something to happen with: could be a hookup, could be a fling, could be a long-term relationship. She knows she’d like something to occur.

Most of the time, with most women you encounter, you’ll be a second or third choice guy (or lower). This is just how it works – you won’t have insta-compatibility with most women, just like most women won’t have insta-compatibility with you. As your fundamentals get tighter and you get better at talking to women and making things happen with them, you’ll have more smoother interactions and will meet both more ‘first choice’ girls as well as do better with more ‘second choice’ and ‘third choice’ girls.

It’s less important to be her first choice when you’re on the prowl for flings. That said, if you have your pick of women, it’ll almost always go easier and be more fun with girls you’re a first choice for. It’s more important to be her first choice guy when it comes to choosing women for relationships... for a variety of respect, compatibility, and fidelity reasons.

The Easiest Way to Get a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

how to get a girl to be your girlfriend
You may think you have to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. But there’s an easier way to get a girl to be your girlfriend than this. It centers on behavior over words.

You’ve got a girl you’re into, and you’d like to get her to be your girlfriend. The time you spend together is great. You think about her all the time when you’re not with her. And you know she likes you too. But... does she like you enough to be your girlfriend?

You’d like to know how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend in a way that minimizes the chance she rejects you. You don’t want her to say “no” or “let’s keep this casual for now.” So what do you do?

Most of the advice you’ll see out there will tell you to ask her outright at some point. “Just ask!” or “Just pop the question!” But this advice misunderstands a simple fact about the way girls work: the emotions and behavior must come first... the words come later.

This article works within that framework – one where you get the emotions and behavior right first, and add the words (and official boyfriend-girlfriend status) in after.

Follow the simple steps below, and you stand a very good chance to turn the girl you’d like to be your girlfriend into a girl who is your girlfriend.

When Dates or Pickups Go Awry, the 3-Legged Chair Is Your Guide to Why

date awry
Just because you hit it off with a girl doesn’t mean it’ll stay good. When your interactions fall apart, use the 3-legged chair to figure out why.

You’re talking to a girl, it’s going great, she seems into you, all the signs are pointing to you two getting more intimate later on. She’s contributing to the conversation, flirting with you, maybe even touching you here and there. Then all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, her mood changes; she goes from quite hot for you – or even very hot – to stone cold for what seems like absolutely no reason. Ever been in that situation? I think we all have.

When you’re starting out in seduction, this’ll happen a lot (mainly because you failed to do something obvious), but as you become more experienced with women, even if you consider yourself a pretty skilled seducer, you’ll find that this still happens every now and then.

Things were going great, and now they just aren’t. What’s worse is that you’ll think you did everything correctly, and it won’t seem to you like there were any obvious mistakes in your process. In fact, you might have even had the exact same interaction with a different girl a couple weeks ago and the two of you ended up going back to your place for a nightcap. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Maybe you just write it off completely. “Can’t win them all” as the saying goes, and then you forget about that weird interaction with that weird chick who suddenly went um… weird.

You forget about it completely – until it happens again.

Now, what if I told you there are actual, identifiable reasons why the seduction suddenly took a sour turn?

What if I told you there are ways for you to spot these curveballs coming from a mile away and prevent them from happening, or that there are even micro calibrations you can make to get the interaction back on the right track?

I’m willing to bet your first response would be: “Okay, could you share this information, please?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. Because that’s what we’re going to cover in this article.

Why Girls Sleep with Cads Fast (and Put Boyfriends on the Slow Track)

boyfriend slow track
Girls “slow track” boyfriend candidates for a variety of reasons. So what must you do to be the guy on the fast track – to her bedroom and beyond?

This is a touchy subject for most. I first and foremost believe in treating everyone with respect and love. However, sometimes it is best to be real and not sugarcoat the dating scene with the ideals that have been littered among our society by Disney and such. Sometimes it is best to deal with the world with a Machiavellian eye. If this bothers you, best not read any further. Otherwise, read on.

Whenever I talk to men, I hear the same thing over and over. It must be so easy to be a girl; they get guys so easily. Everyone wants a cute girl. Well, not to burst any bubbles, but both sexes have their troubles. Being a women is not easier, just different.

In the arena of dating, yes, girls can generally get sex whenever they want. If you are a cute girl, you can go anywhere and get a guy, but you cannot necessarily tie him down. It is hard for girls to keep a man who is worth a damn.

Let me put it this way. The crucial difference here between the sexes in terms of dating is that girls can have sex whenever they want but have a hard time achieving their goal of a relationship; we gentlemen have a hard time getting sex but an easier time getting a girlfriend out of the situation. In this way, the goals of each sex can confound the achievement of the goals of the other.

When Do You Get Too Old to Party or Meet Girls?

too old to party
At some point, you can’t go to the club or the frat party anymore. But when do you get to old to party? And can you ever get too old to meet girls?

We have a few guys on the comments and in the discussion boards who are fixated on age. These guys (in their late 20s or early 30s) worry about the future: they’re not living the lives they want right now, and they fear that in a few years it will be too late. Life will have passed them by, and they will forever regret not having done what they always longed to do. Here’s an excerpt from a recent forum post by Oh Pry:

I like the idea of celebrating a holiday or special time of the year with a party and going to events with hot girls but at times I do like to get put it into perspective to see how long I have until I start to feel like the old guy in the group.

Even on this forum I doubt members over 30 are spending Halloween going to a party with a hot girl or having a hell of a Christmas party with hot girls doing kinky shit.

Any thoughts on this?

We also get guys who stop by and express regret or depression that it’s too late for them and there’s little left for them to do. These are mostly men in their mid-to-late 50s... but we get guys in their 20s who express this same sentiment too.

I want to tackle this article from two perspectives. One is the mindset perspective: that is, why it’s counterproductive to worry someday you’ll be too old, or feel depressed because you think you already are too old. The other will just be a straight age-opportunity rundown: what places are available venues to you at different ages?