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Relationship 101

What Sex to Have in New Relationships

Nov 1, 2019

Early on in a new relationship, you want to have a lot and VARIED sex... because early sexual variety does some good things for you later.

sex in new relationships

What's the Endgame for a Playboy?

Oct 27, 2019

You won't stay young, wild, and energetic forever. So what happens to the old playboy when age catches up to him? Does he just fade away?

player endgame

Liberate Female Sexuality – Orgasms Will COME (Video)

Oct 7, 2019

The key to great sex is SEXUAL LIBERATION. Here’s how to free your and your partner’s minds and turn your love-making sessions into wild, orgasmic, juice-laden humpfests.

how to have great sex

13 Blatant Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

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By: Tony Depp

Sep 23, 2019

Is she cheating on you? When a girl is cheating, there will be signs. But to avoid making matters worse, you must not approach the question with an insecure mindset.

is she cheating

Your Girlfriend's Love Language Might Be Different from Yours

Sep 9, 2019

You want to spend quality time together, but she'd rather do things for you she thinks you'll like? Different love languages can cause more issues than you'd think... until you realize they exist.

love languages

10 Ways to Keep a Relationship from Falling Apart

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By: Tony Depp

Sep 4, 2019

The vast majority of relationships fail. So if they’re your thing, you better know how to keep a relationship fresh, engaging, and brimming with mutual respect.

how to keep a relationship

How to Beat Bad Faith Arguments with the NUF Method

Sep 1, 2019

Not every argument's made in good faith. Some are bad faith. When you encounter bad faith arguments, use NUF to beat them.

nuf method

How to Keep Girls Addicted in Relationships

Aug 7, 2019

We’ve all experienced or have seen relationships go stale and die, but they don’t have to. The secret is to keep her addicted with volatility and unpredictability.

keep girls addicted in relationships

The Correct Response to Drama in a Relationship

Aug 1, 2019

Most guys don’t understand why women create drama in relationships, so their response often makes things worse. Here’s how to deal with it constructively.

responding to drama in relationships

3 Relationship Boundaries You Must Set to Avoid Toxic Situations

Jul 12, 2019

By laying down hard, rational boundaries early in your relationship, you foster respect rather than chaos. These 3 boundaries are key in avoiding toxic situations.

relationship rules

13 Positives of Long-Term Relationships and 6 Drawbacks

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By: Tony Depp

Jul 8, 2019

Is a long-term relationship right for you? Guys naturally experience a measure of turmoil when faced with commitment. What could you gain? What could you lose?

long-term relationship

How to Never Have a Sexless Relationship (the Sex Trump Card)

Jun 29, 2019

Has sex declined with your partner and you've found yourself in a sexless relationship? Here's the single best way to deal with that.

sexless relationship

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend (Video)

May 25, 2019

Want to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? Here’s how to do it while maintaining ownership of your balls and setting the right precedents for a healthy relationship.

how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Make-Up Sex After Fights? 7 BIG Pros and 3 MAJOR Cons

May 5, 2019

Make-up sex is wild, passionate, and pleasurable. Yet it comes equipped with 3 relationship “cons”… as well as 7 clear “pros.”

make-up sex

11 Signs It's Time to Break Up

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By: Tony Depp

Apr 24, 2019

Every relationship has issues, but knowing when it’s time to break up can be tough. Ultimately, you must decide what’s most important to you and make your own decision.

how to know when it's time to break up