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Becoming the Beast, Part 2: Unchain the Conqueror

Sep Sun,2017

To rekindle your own raw masculinity, you must become comfortable with those most familiar of masculine friends: struggle and pain.


Becoming the Beast, Part 1: A Primal World

Sep Mon,2017

Despite the trappings of civilization, we’re all animalistic savages at heart. In Part 1 of this series, we’ll explore just how central to humans is sex.

becoming the beast

Lovers vs. Fighters: Who's Your Target Audience, Women or Men?

Sep Mon,2017

Lovers seduce women; fighters intimidate men. But why do men choose the specializations they do – and which should you choose?

lovers vs. fighters

A Feminine Man, Done Right, Can be Wildly Sexy to Women

Sep Mon,2017

Masculinity is good. But a feminine man who is still sexual and dominant offers something uniquely special women just go nuts for.

feminine man

How Much Can You Change About Yourself?

Aug Wed,2017

Some parts of ourselves, both mental and physical, are immutable. Exactly how much of ourselves (and what parts) can we actually change?

how much can you change

Cool Guys Get Laid, Weirdos Don't

Jul Mon,2017

Weird guys struggle to get dates or get laid with women. It’s a simple path from weirdo to cool guy – but it’s not without dead ends and blind alleys.

cool guys and weirdos

Why Silent Men are Sexy Men

May Wed,2017

Your silence speaks volumes. But you don’t just need to use it to be serious; you can use it to increase sexual tension, for better communication, for humor, and more.

power of silence

Will a Nice Car and Good Job Get You Laid?

Apr Sun,2017

Women are supposed to like money. So why don't nice cars, jobs, and apartments always get men laid?

money-sex paradox

Be the Lightbringer: Dating and the Sublime Benefits of Positivity

Apr Mon,2017

Jadedness and cynicism can go hand-in-hand with the playboy lifestyle. But they don’t need to; it’s more effective to bring light.

dating positivity

Total Image Mastery for Men Who are Bald

Darius B.'s picture

By: Darius B.

Apr Wed,2017

Bald can be a great look… but only if you combine it with the right enhancements to your image. Facial hair, attire, and physique are key.

look good bald

What is Masculinity? (or: Are You Man Enough)

Feb Sun,2017

What is masculinity? Who defines it – who makes the rules? Is it intrinsic, or culturally determined? And is it even “real”?


Why Villains are So Sexy

Feb Fri,2017

The bad guy compels because he isn’t afraid to speak truth and break rules. But more than this – he is a product of his zeitgeist.

villains are sexy

How to Dress Case Studies, Pt. 3: Tall and Artistic

Darius B.'s picture

By: Darius B.

Feb Wed,2017

How should men dress when tall? Attention to the neck area is key... As are several other dress locations.

how to dress case study

How to Dress Case Studies, Pt. 2: Stylish in College

Darius B.'s picture

By: Darius B.

Jan Thu,2017

In How to Dress Case Studies 2, Darius puts together 3 outfits for a guy who needs to look sharp, without being overdressed.

how to dress case study

Seduction Spotlight: Oberyn Martell

Jan Sun,2017

Pedro Pascal’s portrayal of Oberyn Martell is unabashedly sexy. What makes his character so compelling? Fundamentals, panache, and finesse.

Oberyn Martell