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Dating Rules

Don't Listen to Those Who Say "No Sex on the First Date"

Dec 30, 2019

She’s not that kind of girl? Well, here’s a pro tip: all girls are that kind of girl. Those who say first date sex shouldn’t happen usually have ulterior motives.

first date sex

Why You Must Break the Touch Barrier Early with Girls

Dec 20, 2019

The longer you wait to touch a girl, the weirder it gets when you finally do. Touch her early and often to reap all the benefits of this powerful seduction tool.

break the touch barrier with girls

3 Classic (and GREAT) Threesome Sex Positions

Dec 18, 2019

Many men dream of having sex with two girls at the same time, but threesome sex positions aren’t as intuitive as one-on-one play. This will help you go in prepared.

threesome sex positions

13 Things That Happen When You Date Experienced Women

Dec 12, 2019

Dating an experienced woman can be a treacherous yet incredibly worthwhile journey. You’ll experience heartbreak and pure ecstasy. Prepare yourself.

experienced women

For You to Get Her, She Has to Think "I Want This"

Nov 28, 2019

The goal of seduction is to make a girl think “I want this” with you. With a bit of knowledge and skill, you can choose what ‘this’ is and lead her toward it.

make her want you

17 Places to Go on a First Date That Make Dating Easy

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Nov 25, 2019

Your best chance to make things happen is on the first date. So, where you go on a first date needs to be simple and provide opportunities for intimacy and sex.

where to go on a first date

Good Game Means Communicating like a Hot Girl, Part 2

Nov 20, 2019

Good game means adopting certain behaviors that come easy to women. But to attract women, you must balance this by maintaining a dominant, masculine presence.

sexy masculinity

How to Get Your Dick Sucked (Video)

Nov 17, 2019

So you met a girl and want her to give you a blowjob? Wanna finesse some fellatio? Enlist her lips? Secure some suckage? Tickle her tonsils? Okay, we got you!

how to get a blowjob

Holiday Dating Tips to Keep You on Santa's Naughty List

Nov 13, 2019

Dating during the holidays is troublesome, but there are plenty of ho-ho-horny girls looking for a good stocking-stuffer! Here’s how to add them to your naughty list.

holiday dating tips

Mistakes that Make Women Screen Men Out as Sex Partners

Nov 7, 2019

A woman’s decision to sleep with you is largely based on whether you give her a reason to screen you out. The solution? Stop making mistakes that get you screened out.

screened out as sex partner

Good Game Means Communicating like a Hot Girl, Part 1

Oct 31, 2019

Women respond to emotions better than logic, and when it comes to attraction and sex, logic just gets in the way. The solution: learn to communicate like a hot chick!

sexy communication

The Basics of Turning Dates into Sex

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By: Tony Depp

Oct 21, 2019

You wanted to bring her home and have sex with her, but you ended up having another platonic date with no action. Why? It’s because these elements were lacking.

how to turn date into sex

Women with Small Dating Pools

Sep 14, 2019

The size of a woman's dating pool affects how available she is for you... and plays a big role in determining how far (or not) your efforts go.

dating pool

15 Dating Lessons You Don't Want to Learn the Hard Way

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By: Tony Depp

Sep 11, 2019

If you want to learn dating, the key is to gain experience. But you don’t have to learn everything directly. These pro tips will save you a lot of pain and suffering.

learn dating

Tactics Tuesdays: Back-to-Back Date Scheduling

Sep 10, 2019

Double or triple your odds of a great day or night with women by scheduling dates (and/or meet-new-girls outings) back-to-back.

back-to-back dates