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The Magnetic Man, Pt. 2: State Control Games

Chase Amante

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magnetic man sitting on outdoor benchBalance the body to control the state, and exude a powerful attractive magnetism. Use the strategies employed by yoga, Zen, and martial arts masters to attain inner balance.

Welcome to Part 2 of this series. If you did not read Part 1, on fundamental exercises to gain more control of the body, and thus the mind, I might recommend you read it first, though it’s not required to use this post.

Women often get swept up in their emotions around magnetic men.

They experience many feelings, too: curiosity, excitement, heartache, lustful longing, and primal ecstasy, to name a few. But did you know the emotional impact available to any man directly relates to the depth of his motive?

Think of your average guy writing a comment on a hot girl’s social media page. Then compare him to a man who sees a beautiful woman at a park who quickly sizes up the area. Think about how this environment affects each of her senses and how he can come up with a cold read or reality pace opener.

You could say both men are motivated by female attention, and you would be right.

However, one is hoping for a few seconds of online attention. While the other wants to captivate the woman in front of him. And motivation can go deeper. If you’ve learned about seduction’s luck surface area, you know going out aiming to pull gives you much better chances of getting lucky.

There is a noticeable difference in grit between the guys who go out trying to get approaches and men who commit their afternoon or night to meet attractive girls, moving things forward whenever opportunities arise. It’s also as clear as day which men have a better chance of having the emotional impact that inspires women to follow them home.

Of course, personal magnetism also plays a key role in a man’s impact on the women he meets.

The more magnetic you become, the more you experience another side of women that most men rarely see. These experiences give you even more confidence to deepen your motives.

Since men tend to get swept up in their emotions around pretty girls, the next part of magnetism we’ll explore is state control because this can be an issue at any level.

Some seasoned seducers try to repress how women make them feel into a sludge of rational or apathetic mush, then suddenly find themselves overtaken by fatigue and hysterical outbursts. What’s more, beginners and intermediates often have experiences that send them into shock; then, they’ll fixate and fantasize about a girl to the point of obsession. It’s also not uncommon to hear sad tales online of men who expected women to take their emotions as seriously as they did, and women don’t.

Human emotions play by their own rules and move around, sometimes in unpredictable ways that appear illogical. It’s why new students and skilled seducers find themselves immobilized in plateaus—not from external obstacles; instead, their journey slows down due to emotional resistance.


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