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Make Yourself the Sexual Prize by Showing Her Your Sexual Standards

sexual standards
A mighty new way to position yourself as a sexual prize a girl simply must have: communicate exciting sexual standards to her that also turn her on.

Welcome back, gentlemen!

Today I will share a cool verbal technique that will help make a girl perceive you as a more attractive lover (through sexual prizing). It also gets her to comply to sexual behavior that you find preferable.

Yeah, that sounds pretty juicy, but this strategy is not too hard to pull off. It can be used by intermediate and advanced players. Beginners can give it a shot, too, but I believe it is key to have your fundamentals in check before attempting this. I also believe a minimum amount of sexual experience is important when it comes down to using this technique.

This technique is based on the concept of having standards (and how to use them to attract women). Women find men with standards to be of higher value. In other words, a man with standards is perceived to be more attractive. Women find it attractive when a man knows what he wants and how to get it. A girl will also feel more desired and attractive when she feels like she is being “accepted” by a guy with standards.

Note that I used the word “accepted,” which assumes she is the one chasing him and he is the one accepting her, which is by itself a good frame. Additionally, through the use of standards, you can challenge her, disqualify her, and force her to qualify. All of this sets the frame of you being the prize, which amps up her attraction.

Now, if you haven’t read yourself up on the importance of standards, their roles in seduction, their benefits and limitations, and how they can be used to “qualify her” and “disqualify her” (i.e., forcing her to qualify to you), then I suggest you check out the following posts, as they constitute crucial fundamentals in seduction (and posts covering fundamentals are must reads).

And for those more advanced players out there who enjoy using sexual game (including sex talk and other methods based on sexual prizing), check out this post that discusses how to use your standards to make her qualify sexually.

This post will discuss similar concepts, and the idea will be to use your standards to make her qualify to you sexually.

Tactics Tuesdays: 5 Ways to Make Her Not Feel Slutty About Sex

she feels slutty
Sometimes you go for intimacy, but a girl stops you because she feels slutty. There are 5 major ways to help her past this: adventure, sexual expertise, urgency, and more.

This is an old request from the GC topics queue – it goes back about four years or so. A reader (who happened to have attended my alma mater) had this to ask:

Hey Chase, this was an absolute mind boggling article, gave a new perspective to things. Anyway, recently I went on a date to a local bar, Cafe 210 in State College if you know it. We stayed there had a few drinks and then I pulled her back to my place. I then made my move. I had her shirt and bra off, and then refused to take her pants off, and I tried everything to get them off but failed. She had the vibe that she was trying not to be slutty/easy, and was could tell she was experienced. This has happened several times to me with other girls. Im assuming I’m in BF territory, but any advice on making girls not feel slutty/easy would be great.

You might think at first this is just a last-minute resistance issue. And you can treat it as such. However, if it is a pattern, where you encounter this repeatedly when you get women alone, it’s more than just LMR. The LMR is only a symptom of the overall problem. Girls feeling slutty about sex around you is the root.

If you can make a woman feel comfortable being sexual with you, you will not face this obstacle. Sure, a girl may still resist sex with you for any one of a number of other reasons... you may not have turned her on enough, the environment may not be conducive to it, or any of myriad other possibilities may be the case.

However, if you remove the “she feels slutty about sex” issue, this reason for resistance goes away.

And it should be noted here that this goes beyond any boyfriend considerations. That’s because if she does not see you as a boyfriend, but she still feels like it’d be slutty or too easy to sleep with you, she will resist sleeping with you. And meanwhile, even if she does see you as a boyfriend, if she feels like she can hop into bed with you and it won’t affect how you see her or her prospects with you (and she has no other reservations about intimacy with you), she will hop right into bed with you.

The key, of course, is you must remove the ‘too easy’, ‘too slutty’ objection, first.

How to Use "Grand Master Style" to Rack Up Scads of Lays

GM style
GM style: a crass, irreverent, and utterly hilarious way to make women horny, excited... and ready to hop in bed quick.

In 1999, an American expat in Paris named Nathan Szilard commented online about a talented natural seducer in a bar he kept running into:

There’s that guy -- looks like an heroin addict, looks fortyish (but might be younger), dressed in black and/or like shit, skinny, tall, wrinkled, never smiles ... and gets laid like a rock star.

One day, at that bar – the same place Nathan always spied this guy – he chatted up a pair of girls. Suddenly, the guy showed up, flashed Nathan an amused grin, and swooped in to talk with the cuter of Nathan’s two girls.

Two minutes in, the guy asked someone for a pen and paper and took the girl’s phone number.

Five minutes in, Nathan excused himself to the washroom... and walked in on the guy and his girl making out with their hands all over each other.

Impressed and amazed, Nathan dubbed this guy the ‘Grand Master’... or ‘GM’ for short. And over the next year or so, Nathan Szilard befriended and worked to decipher the game of this guy he dubbed ‘GM’.

Note: If you are a beginner dater, probably don’t try to use GM style. You risk awkward creepiness if you botch your delivery. Focus on less edgy stuff first. For the more advanced guys (or the still-curious beginners), read on...

One of Nathan’s earliest analyses of GM style was this:

Hm trying to recollect what I forgot to mention in my earlier post.

He makes it clear right away that he wants sex. He explained it to me. He does not really understand what is going on, me thinks.

He does not compliment.

I explained him the concept of neg hit; he disagreed ... YET HE DOES IT ALL THE TIME. Well, it’s not NEGs, it’s more like ‘vannes’ as I explained once, that’s to say, taking the piss on her. So he fucked that German yesterday, and before that, made a few (light) jokes about Germans, then ‘apologized’ by hugging/kissing her.

He takes every opportunity to go kino [touch]. I’ve already mentioned that.

He claims that he does not act the same with every woman. I asked him about some place that’s packed with model-types full-bitch-shielded types, how do you handle that I asked, and he said, “You don’t get it, you don’t do the same thing there, I’ll explain you later.”

He asks boring questions, name, job, then joke on it, and when I say JOKE, I mean FUCKING LAME jokes.

To a German: “you speak German really well!”
To a Japanese: “you speak Japanese really well!”
To an Italian: “you speak Italian really well!”

Original, heh? And on top of that he said it several times to the same girl. “You really speak German well! LOL “.

For a time, Grand Master style (or GM style), a method of strong sexual direct jokes, chase frames, and sexual intent, became one of the most popular methods in the pick up artist (PUA) community, alongside Mystery Method and Gunwitch Method.

These days it’s largely forgotten.

But it shouldn’t be. It’s a different, fresh, and highly irreverent approach to bedding girls in a hurry – and the Grand Master still has lots to teach.

Your Desires Are an Unmatched Tool to Motivate and Seduce

desire in seduction
Desire – your real desire – is a deep motivating force, and immensely attractive to the opposite sex. Tap into it and use it well, and you can do the near-impossible.

I received some very positive feedback from my article on the Interest-Preference-Desire model. If you haven’t read that, I suggest going back and taking a peek, because as a follow-up on that model, today I’m going to dive deeper into what “desire” is and how it affects our lives.

Desire is not only applicable to the process of seduction and attracting women, it plays a key role in the pursuit of our goals and how we live – specifically, the choices we make.

In the last article, I concluded that among the concepts of interest, preference, and desire, desire is the ultimate tool that actually results in committed action. There’s greater nuance when it comes to desire, because desire itself can be more fluctuating and relative. Some people never experience a constant desire for something long term, while others desire an outcome so badly that they continue to chase the desire even after it’s already been fulfilled multiple times.

What gives?

I’ll break this down in a hopefully easy-to-digest form, but do keep in mind that there is a lot of psychology and philosophy involved when it comes to desire.

Girls Who Seek Attention, Part II: How to Pick Them Up

female attention
Just because she’s a flighty, flirty attention seeker doesn’t mean she can’t be gotten. You just need to switch up your approach to get her a bit.

Welcome back, guys. This is a follow up to last week’s post where we covered the psychology and the underlying factors of female attention-seeking behavior. Part 1 covered all the whys, and is therefore recommended reading before this article. This post will be less theoretical and more practical, covering how to deal with female attention seekers – and actually manage to bed them. So this is a more technical post.

Fun fact: October and September have been months where I have encountered this type of girl in clubs and managed to successfully bed them.

  • I have had 2 recent cases where the strategies covered in this post were implemented. In those cases, I managed to smoothly and successfully bang both girls.

  • There was an additional case where I did not apply the strategies covered in this post. In fact, I tried doing something else. It did not work and I failed at pulling. So I’ll use this girl as a sort of “control group” in order to find correlations and identify the effects of the techniques presented here and how they help with attention seekers.

Now, I know some of you guys like to get outright scientific about stuff like this. And I realize that 3 cases may not be a very representative selection, sure. However, to my defense, I have had many similar experiences in the past (been doing this for 10 years) that more or less reflect the same pattern as what we’ll be discussing. This post is based on my overall observations, using those 3 cases to best exemplify the techniques, which seem to work out pretty fine if you ask me.

Without any further ado, let us get into it. The strategies presented in this post are inspired by the old-school seducer Swinggcat and his book Real World Seduction.

When Dates or Pickups Go Awry, the 3-Legged Chair Is Your Guide to Why

date awry
Just because you hit it off with a girl doesn’t mean it’ll stay good. When your interactions fall apart, use the 3-legged chair to figure out why.

You’re talking to a girl, it’s going great, she seems into you, all the signs are pointing to you two getting more intimate later on. She’s contributing to the conversation, flirting with you, maybe even touching you here and there. Then all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, her mood changes; she goes from quite hot for you – or even very hot – to stone cold for what seems like absolutely no reason. Ever been in that situation? I think we all have.

When you’re starting out in seduction, this’ll happen a lot (mainly because you failed to do something obvious), but as you become more experienced with women, even if you consider yourself a pretty skilled seducer, you’ll find that this still happens every now and then.

Things were going great, and now they just aren’t. What’s worse is that you’ll think you did everything correctly, and it won’t seem to you like there were any obvious mistakes in your process. In fact, you might have even had the exact same interaction with a different girl a couple weeks ago and the two of you ended up going back to your place for a nightcap. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Maybe you just write it off completely. “Can’t win them all” as the saying goes, and then you forget about that weird interaction with that weird chick who suddenly went um… weird.

You forget about it completely – until it happens again.

Now, what if I told you there are actual, identifiable reasons why the seduction suddenly took a sour turn?

What if I told you there are ways for you to spot these curveballs coming from a mile away and prevent them from happening, or that there are even micro calibrations you can make to get the interaction back on the right track?

I’m willing to bet your first response would be: “Okay, could you share this information, please?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. Because that’s what we’re going to cover in this article.

Girls Who Seek Attention, Part I: What Are "Attention Seekers"?

girls seek attention
Women love to get attention from men. Why girls become attention seekers, and how to interpret what they want, is key to getting somewhere with them.

Hey, guys. I hope you are ready for a theoretical post regarding female psychology.

Today I will share some in-field observations I have made recently concerning attention-seeking behavior in females. Now, this phenomenon is nothing new to me; however, it wasn’t until recently that it became clear to me how to deal with it. Yes, I have had encounters with attention seekers before and have managed to have sex with them, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized a post about the subject would be highly valuable to many of you guys, as you will inevitably meet attention seekers in your seduction adventures – it is more or less impossible not to.

All women seek attention; some more than others. We will discuss why they do and which parameters affect their behavior. The idea here is for you to understand how the process works and its impact on your interactions with women. I believe that by covering this subject, many lightbulbs will illuminate and a lot of things you are experiencing when interacting with women will make more sense.

As mentioned, this post will cover the phenomenon, the causes, and the impacts. Next week, however, in Part II of this series, we will cover the solutions to the problem.

How Much Interest to Show a Girl (The 3 Considerations)

show girl you're interested
Each girl needs you to show a somewhat different amount of interest in her at different phases of the courtship. There are 3 keys to this: her interest, her type, and calibration.

A few weeks back, a reader commenting on my article “The Single Guy’s Guide to Starting Fresh in a New City” asked a few questions, including this one:

How to show interest while maintaining a sense of mystery and make her wonder whether or not you like her?

The only short answer to that question is ‘it depends’. It’s calibration. Some girls you show more interest in, some girls less.

The long answer involves a few steps: you need to know how interested she is, you need to know whether she responds better to aloof men or interested men, and you need to calibrate accordingly.

The Darker Personalities of Prolific Seducers

seducer personality
Men who sleep with large numbers of women typically are less than normal guys. Whether due to ego or antisocial personality, they stand apart.

A brief warning. In this article, I’ll be shining a light on the darker side of seducers and seduction. I know that a lot of our readers often wonder: what is it like when you’re on top of your game and regularly taking new women to bed? What does the life of such men look like? How do the seducers with strong hedonistic tendencies think? What would it be like to look through their eyes?

These are questions that once plagued my mind several years ago. And I believe it would be quite educational to answer some of them, so I will do so in today’s article. But like I said – it’s going to be a bit dark.

I’m basing this article off my experiences from the last year or so (as well as many conversations with fellow seducers who have been operating at this level – and beyond – for several years).

When you’re ready, feel free to join me down the rabbit hole.