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Pickup for Beginners: How Novice Seducers Best Learn

Note from Chase: this post from Alek got lost in our editing department (it was a case of a vanishing email, apparently), and was supposed to precede Alek’s prior piece. So this was actually Part 1 of the series.

Hi there. I hope you are doing well. It is now time for me to write a post for you beginners, as I have spent a lot of time writing more advanced posts lately. I hope this post will be useful, as it is all about how one can get good fast in an era where there is an overload of great seduction material out there.

pickup for beginners

In a PM, a poster named Gifted wrote the following:

I know this is probably a big topic. I hope you’ll cover it in a forum post or on Girls Chase. Honestly, I’d love to read a post on how you would learn game yourself if you were put in a total beginner’s shoes tomorrow. I go out very regularly with the intention to improve. It’s been slow going though because I think I’m just not doing the right things to get good quickly.

So the idea is to write about how I would actually learn pick up, considering I had no seduction skills right now. This is a very hypothetical scenario and it is hard for me to really put myself in a beginner’s shoes, but I will try to do my best. Let us consider that some evil magic took place, putting me back at square one – a beginner in the art of seduction. Here is how I would do things.

6 Basic Steps Every Guy Who Wants to Pick Up Women Must Know

pickup basics

Last time, we discussed how one should proceed to learn the art of seduction; how I would do things if I were a total beginner again. Today we will discuss the things I would recommend you to focus on if you are new – these are the things I would work on if I had to do the learning process all over again.

There is loads of information on this website and it can be very confusing to many newer readers to actually figure out what should be their priorities. I will list what I consider basics – or foundations – in this post. I will briefly explain the different elements, and will also provide links to more in depth articles throughout.

Now what will be discussed in this article are BASICS, but that doesn’t mean the material provided here is “beginner material”, quite the contrary, this article covers things that:

  • Are the foundation to most other (more advanced) material out there – without many of the concepts covered in this article, pulling off more fancy stuff will not work well unless you have the foundations in check

  • Many of the concepts in this article will be enough to get you laid.

  • The concepts covered are things that most seducers (even advanced seducers) will have to apply in most situations. I will not go as far as to say the concepts apply to every scenario, but not far from it.

Now, this post will not cover elements such as style (and grooming), body language, and basic attractive attitudes. Although it is recommended to have those things in check for best results, this post will focus on “outer game” – i.e., techniques and practical elements of seduction. Again, this is NOT an in depth post about each of the concepts, just a list with some quick info.

The six basics we will cover are:

  1. Opening

  2. Hooking in

  3. Isolation

  4. Escalation

  5. Extraction

  6. Persistence

Let us begin with an obvious key element one should focus on.

How to Kiss Girls Back at Your Place

This is our very first Girls Chase video, with my long-awaited commentary on a thread from one of our forum posters on how to go about kissing girls alone in your place. Here’s the video:

Highlights of the video include:

19 Common Ways Women Object to Men (and How to Beat These)

women object

It’s frustrating as all get-out when things are going swell with a gal, only for her to suddenly pull out a trick you haven’t seen before and BLAM! You’re blindsided, floundering, and she’s lost interest.

These are commonly referred to as ‘tests’, but, as mentioned in my latest newsletter (which you’ve either received already, or will soon, if you’re signed up for the Girls Chase newsletter), all tests really are is a woman inviting you to flirt.

Flirt well, and her comfort with you goes up. She relaxes... “Ah, okay. This guy really is as cute as I hoped he was.”

The ability to flirt successfully is THE most important part of attraction and seduction... men who can do it succeed regularly with women well above their looks, smarts, and income brackets. Men who can’t struggle to get women with a fraction of their paper credentials.

One component of flirting is the knowledge of how to respond to various themes and patterns you see again and again with girls. That largely comes from experience – you meet enough girls, flirt with enough of them, and you start to see and hear the same objections again and again, and gradually begin to build up a repertoire of responses you’ve cooked up to dismantle these objections.

Before we dive into this one, I recommend reading or rereading these articles, because the base understanding of what is going on is more important for your progress than a handful of memorized responses:

Also, these four, crucial for being able to respond to ‘tests’ in attractive ways:

That done, let’s arm you with some go-to responses for some of the most frequent objections you’re likely to encounter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when we look at responses below, keep in mind that the type of response depends upon how the objection is delivered. The same words can be used in wholly different ways. For instance, if a woman tells you, “I will never sleep with you,” and she says it in a sexy voice while leaning in and grinning at you, that’s a categorically different kind of objection than if she leans back with a look of disgust on her face, crosses her arms, looks off into the distance, and then says, “I will never sleep with you.”

My Rules for Making Cold Approach a Part of Daily Life

cold approach

How do you make cold approach – going up and meeting women you don’t yet know – a regular thing?

I was already planning to write about this, then I saw the comment of a reader who was asking how to keep getting better at seduction while taking care of his day to day life. Here’s the comment:

It’s the part of “managing girls” and having to keep approaching to keep our skill honed that’s so true!

I’m still an intermediate (approaching is no longer as fearful, and it just happens); I only have a few new good leads every month but already have issue setting up dates in a week.

Combining that with school, I can easily forget about other work I have and get sucked into approaching and socializing at networking events.

Since, like everything else, seduction also needs consistent practice to keep top ability, do you have any tips on juggling everything and not losing focus on one or the other?

The answer is deceptively simple: discipline. I’m not here to tell anyone what to do, but I certainly know what I do and what works for me. This stuff about fitting cold approach into my daily life is a bit tricky and, in fact, I consider it the most determining and important aspect of this game. My results have a lot more to do with how much time I spend infield, rather than what I say when I am in set.

Girls Chase Podcast Interviews Ep. 10: Alek Rolstad

Girls Chase Podcast

In Girls Chase Podcast Interview #10, host Varoon Raja talks to Girls Chase author Alek Rolstad about sex talk, sexual prizing, and Alek’s strategies for framing himself as the lover with women.

Alek and Varoon discuss topics including:

How to Eat a Girl Out: Tips from an Ex-Porn Star

eat a girl out

Note from Chase: this is a guest post from Big Mike, ex-porn star and author of Secrets to Lasting Longer. Here’s Mike’s detailed guide on how to eat a girl out.

Women secretly desire to find a man who knows how to eat a girl out... otherwise known as “perform cunnilingus.” It has even been said that some women simply give up on men and become either bisexual or fully lesbian because they cannot get a guy to do it right.

The problem is exacerbated by most men who don’t want to take directions or instruction. Sound familiar? All of us guys have a tendency to not want to stop and ask for directions, even when we are totally lost. I get it. Been there, done that.

Let’s face it. It’s embarrassing to admit that we don’t know what we are doing. And to think that other guys know how to do it better than us is a real challenge to our egos.

The problem is that most women don’t come with an instruction manual in their panties. And to make matters worse, they don’t want to tell you what to do. Why? Because they feel that you should already know, even though hardly any of us were ever taught how to do it right.

We get stuck in a catch-22 situation where they don’t want to tell us what to do, and we don’t want to ask.

Why Nice Guys are Boring to Women

nice guys boringRecently, a commenter asked a question about my article “12 Traits All Boring, Unsexy Nice Guys Have in Common” – he wanted to know, specifically, why these traits, beliefs, and behaviors are so boring to women:

Chase, I read your article about the 12 traits all boring, unsexy nice guys have. How do these traits in and of itself make a person boring? How does things like believing in karma or watching pundits make you boring? Is it possible that you could write about things men do that make them seem boring to women during conversation or in their actions? I don’t think you have that sort of list on this site.

In case it’s been a while since you read that article, here’s a quick recap of boring nice guy traits:

  1. He doesn’t mind waiting... and waiting...
  2. He wants points for being ‘nice’
  3. He gets upset when the world doesn’t play fair
  4. He believes in ‘justice’, ‘karma’, or ‘just desserts’
  5. He consumes a LOT of media
  6. He thinks women are victims of men
  7. He is extra soft, friendly, and gentle with women
  8. He doesn’t have any interests or passions
  9. He can’t understand why women want bad boys
  10. He thinks women don’t REALLY like sex
  11. He believes he must promise relationships to get sex
  12. He can’t believe any girl could want him JUST for sex

Here’s a thought though; read that list. Imagine a man with those 12 traits. Would you like to have a friend like that? Or would you better prefer a friend who is the opposite of that?:

  • A guy with a lot to do who doesn’t wait around for long
  • A guy who, if he is nice, expects nothing back for it
  • A guy who shrugs if the world doesn’t play fair, then gets back to work
  • A guy who believes you only get what you get, no ‘karma’ about it
  • A guy who isn’t overly plugged into popular media
  • A guy who thinks women and men complement each other
  • A guy who is playful and flirtatious with women
  • A guy with several real interests and passions
  • A guy who knows exactly why women like bad boys... he is one!
  • A guy who knows women love sex (or at least they love it with him)
  • A guy who doesn’t give a woman relationship until well after their first sex
  • A guy who believes women want to take advantage of him sexually

Man, that’s a couple of totally different human beings right there, isn’t it? Do you know which guy you want to be friends with? I know which guy I want to be friends with. It ain’t the nice guy.

Why do those ‘nice guy’ traits make a man so unappealing though?

The 5 Biggest Sticking Points of Advanced Seducers

This post is primarily for intermediate to advanced players, but it can also be useful for beginners (because they might also end up making some of the mistakes listed in this post).

This article is based on a note sheet from 2011 I found on my old computer yesterday. It was just a short note covering a few bullet points – things I had to remember when going out – i.e., covering my main sticking points back then.


Reading back, I can now see how these mistakes I made back then that were covered on this note sheet are mistakes I still occasionally make, but also mistakes I have seen many other experienced seducers make.

This post will cover those mistakes and how to handle the different issues at hand. That being said, this post is fit for everyone. because everything listed here are mistakes beginners also make.

However, I would say that intermediate to advanced players will get the most out of this post, as beginners have more important things to think about and work on – things that are more important for their success, such as:

The things listed in this post are 5 common mistakes good seducers make, oftentimes as a result of actually being attractive or “being good” with women. Have this in mind when you read this post and you will see what I mean. Without any further delays, let us jump straight into the good stuff.

Using Common Sense To Get Laid

One of the major problems I see with the men going out to meet women is that many do not set themselves up for success. They are more preoccupied with trying to impress their friends, getting validation, or simply trying to avoid negative feedback, instead of going out for the right reasons... like to get laid! This article is going to be shallow and to the point. Please sheathe your pitchforks and extinguish your torches. I am about to hit you with some knowledge.

This article is about going to a night club and getting laid. Maybe later, I will write something with more fluff-and-love but for now let me cater to those who love the hunt. Those warriors that refuse to settle and whom flourish from competition. With that being said, here are some common sense closing tactics I know the majority of you are not following through on.

common sense

I see this day in and day out with my students here in Vegas and it makes me sick. People are so focused on so many advanced tactics and tricks that they miss out on fixing the simple things that could easily increase their results tenfold with just a little effort. Do I have your attention? Good, let’s go!


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