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How to Get Her to Blow You like a Pornstar

teach blow job
So you want to teach her how to give you an epic blow job. But where do you start? With the 18 techniques in this article.

You would think that after having over a hundred cocks in her mouth, she’d be better at this. Her enthusiasm is on point – she’s devouring my dick like a starving third world lady who’s only remaining sustenance is my semen. But her technique? Severely lacking.

I give her a few tips as she has her snack.

“More spit.”

“I want to hear you moan more.”

“You can go deeper.”

Then, I stop her. “Baby, has anyone actually taught you to suck dick?”

She laughs and tells me no.

“Seriously? You admitted to sleeping with over a hundred guys, and NO ONE has taught you?”

“No,” she laughs. “They all told me I was really good!”

“Well, they were probably all too happy to get their dicks sucked and didn’t want to risk rocking the boat.”

She smiles. “Okay, tell me what to do.”

It isn’t long before she’s gurgling, choking, and pumping my cock like a pornstar. In the midst of her grand performance, I ask her how she’s enjoying herself.

“This is so much more fun!” she says to me. “It’s getting me wet as hell.” Then she goes back to work.

Increase Your Lays, Pt. I: Three Seduction Strategies

seduction strategies
How can you get laid more and carve more notches on your bedpost? We kick off the series with a look at three (3) seduction strategies.

Hello there. I hope you are all doing great. I plan on making this a two-part post discussing strategies to increase your amount of lays.

Many of us enjoy meeting women in different scenarios – one day you might meet girls in bookstores; on Friday you enjoy heading to a bar; and maybe on Saturday you go to a club.

Maybe you only meet women in clubs, or maybe only during the daytime – that is cool, too; however, note that even the venue that you are familiar with can change from time to time.

For instance, your favorite nightlife venue that is usually energetic enough but not too chaotic can, on one night, become very crowded and messy – like around Halloween. This basically totally changes the scenario. Sometimes you can select venues (being daytime venues or nighttime venues); however, you will never fully be in control of the potential changes. This is why calibration and experience is so key. This series is meant to help you through the process of calibrating to your venues.

The overall idea is to cover different strategies for different scenarios in order to increase the amount of girls in your life. The 3 concepts for making good strategies are:

  • Volume
  • Screening
  • Tight game

We will discuss all 3 – and note that combinations are doable and can oftentimes give amazing success – such as combining screening with tight game, or screening with volume (the sober “drunk n’ horny game”). I am not saying that these are 3 distinct strategies – quite the opposite. You should always have all 3 in mind – and preferably you should approach a few women and always have your game tight. You might also screen out bad leads. What I am trying to say is that there will be scenarios in which you will have to put more focus on one of the concepts.

Along the way, we will discuss the pros and cons of each strategy. And the next post will discuss these concepts in light of different environments, and examine which concepts should get more emphasis as far as making the best strategy for meeting women.

Let us get straight into the first major concept: volume.

Tactics Tuesdays: Treat Her Hot and Horny

hot and horny
Some girls you do well with, some girls not so well. What’s the difference? One of the big ones: do you treat her hot and horny, or not.

This post is probably best suited to men who are intermediate and up with girls. If you’re just starting out, it’s still worth reading to know what mindset to aim for, but you may not be able to implement it just yet if you don’t have at least one type of girl you do well with consistently.

Commenting on my article “When She Picks You, It’s Vital She Feels It’s Her Choice”, a reader named Asian Guy asks:

Hi Chase!

I sort of have a question I have been hoping to find the answer to for a while but am not sure really where to look. I’ve bought your spellbinding book and even looked at a how to date korean women book done by one of your friends. However, to this day I am still not sure how to go after korean women who are raised in a conservative society. As an example, recently I met a korean girl and after going on a few dates with her, she wouldn’t even try to really hug in public. I was told by my korean guy friends that korean girls tend not to do anything touchy feely public. After going out on 4 dates with her, I tried to go to her place (my place not logistically possible). She hemmed and hawed and said something like how she just moved in and her place isn’t ready to have people over.

A lot of the techniques here are literal gold when it comes to american women or americanized asian women, but for asian women from asia, I am still having problems. For example, a lot of times when I propose to go home with a conservative asian girl on the the first or second date, they actually seem to get offended or completely creeped out. This never happens to me with americanized asian girls, who “get” the whole thing. I’ve never been able to date the more conservative ones because they tend to be extremely cautious and the techniques that would normally work for other girls fail here. It seems that they are into a boyfriend candidate all the time. I have tried a lot to disqualify, but these girls seem hard-wired to want a boyfriend, and the moment I disqualify, they are gone.

I was curious if you had any ideas or experiences what to do here. It seems with most conservative asian girls it takes up to 6-9 dates to really go anywhere. I have recognized that there exist a lot of conservative asian girls who do sleep with men fast, but it seems those are the more rebellious type, which you can usually tell. For the ones that tend to stay home, not drink, go to the library, etc, do you have any ideas how or if you would tailor everything?

Thanks Chase!!

First off, although this comment is about girls from Asia (and Korea in particular), it’s a microcosm of a phenomenon men face across their courtships with all girls.

That’s because just like there are men who think Asian girls from Asia are too conservative and too hard to get, there are men who think they’re ridiculously easy. Just like there are men who specialize in deflowering girls who’ve resisted sex with other men for years. And like there are men who think X type of girl is easy, even though other men think X type of girl is impossible.

So, I’m going to answer Asian Guy’s question. But in so doing, I’m also going to give you a tweak to how you approach the girls you approach that, if you implement it, will supercharge your results with them.

The Sexual Reframe, Part II: Sexual Mystique

sexual mystique
You can use the sexual reframe to quickly make conversations hot and sexual. The trick is to build a mystique – and to paint sexual images into her mind.

In my previous article I reintroduced the concept of the sexual reframe.

To recap... the sexual reframe is a technique where you take a girl’s desire for sex, and mold it into something new and different that can be enjoyed by the two of you.

This also ties into the power of liminal space – a moment hanging between time and space, in which whatever happens “doesn’t count” and we get to tap into our primal desires. And, as I discussed in the previous article, sexual reframing is a technique used on top of a liminal space to suggest to her that she shares your desires – with the purpose of heightening the sexual experience.

It’s how you encourage her to like – what you like.

Now, to pull this off consistently, there are just 2 necessary steps that need to be worked into your seductions. Think of it as a recipe for sexual reframing.

  1. Cultivate a Sexual Mystique
  2. Share Emotional and Erotically-charged Narratives

Move Fast, but Don’t Rush Her

don't rush her
It’s important to move fast with women. Yet, you can absolutely overshoot – and get into the habit of rushing with girls instead.

In my article on skipping steps with girls who are thirsty for you, an anonymous commenter asked the following question:

Good read. How do you reconcile your comment that "time is irrelevant to seduction" with Chase's mantra that one must move quickly? Am I misunderstanding the context?

Perfect question. I struggled with this one for a long time. Before finding GirlsChase, I definitely understood that women love sex, and that long courtships are signs that you want something serious. Hell, I had once slept with a girl thirty seconds after meeting her. I always knew fast is good.

But I still made certain exceptions – girls who were more conservative, girls who were hotter than my usual catch, etc.

Then, when I found GirlsChase, I kept running into Chase’s motto of “move fast.” In almost every article, it was there. It infected my brain and eventually opened my eyes to how many girls I’d lost because I didn’t move fast enough.

I changed that – quickly. And my lay count skyrocketed. Women loved how aggressive I’d become.

Yet I also found that the number of girls I took out on dates was still much higher than the girls I bedded (my date-to-lay ratio, if you want to be a nerd). I would make out with them, exchange oral favors, but intercourse was not as frequent as I’d hoped.

Why were these girls not letting me go all the way?

Because I was rushing.

You see, moving fast and rushing are two different things.

How to Lead Your Seductions Logistically and Emotionally

lead seduction
To lead a girl through a seduction, you need to hit two (2) key points: emotions and logistics. Lead well on these, and the girl is yours.

Last time, in my article on letting her feel allowed to desire you, we discussed two aspects of mental states related to seduction – namely, building her desire for you and letting her feel allowed to desire you. The first one covered the actual induction of a state of attraction whereas letting her feel allowed puts her in a mental state where she opens up to your influence. Both are equally important in seduction.

Today we will observe seduction in a different framework. Mind you that what we will cover in this post is NOT a different way of doing things, just a different way of looking at seduction.

This framework might actually explain different key aspects of seduction, as you will see. Again, these frameworks or models are just used as a way to explain “what is” (the actual seduction process).

What we will discuss today are the “leading emotionally” dimension and the “leading logistically” dimension. Both dimensions are key aspects of seduction that should not be disregarded. They can both take place simultaneously in space and time – i.e., you can both lead emotionally and logistically at the same time.

You probably already have an idea about what “leading” means in terms of seduction, but allow me to expand the concept a little. Also keep in mind that in my report from Bulgaria I also share some real life examples in which the framework covered in this post is applied.

To Make Her Desire You, Give Her Permission To

make her desire
It’s as important to make a woman feel allowed to desire you as it is to cause that desire. Unless she feels allowed, she’ll quash her desire for you.

Hi everyone. Today I will get more theoretical. My theoretical posts are to serve a purpose and provide a framework to not only help you better understand your successful interactions with women, but also create a foundation for a better understanding of seduction as a whole.

These frameworks and models are just mere representations of the real world, and should only be used for explanatory purposes - i.e., to help you make sense of things, not necessarily to give true explanations of how things are. I will spend two posts on explaining two different frameworks, which will synergistically add to your overall understanding.

In this post I will discuss two aspects of seduction that are key to creating her willingness to have sex with you - namely building her desire for you and letting her feel allowed. My next post will be about the two levels of leading: leading her emotionally and leading her logistically. Both concepts require both levels (all being forms of generating desire or leading) and are equally important in every seduction. Ideally, both should be applied during real life encounters.

The concepts that I am about to share in this post have been covered in my detailed lay report from Bulgaria. If you have been looking for a real life example in which those concepts are applied, I really recommend you read that report. It also has a lot of other great material.

Anyway, enough chitchat, let us get right into it.

The Sexual Reframe, Part I: Reprogram Her Desires

sexual reframe
The sexual reframe lets you take innocent behaviors and make them sexual. To pull this off, you need three (3) requirements in place first.

In the era we live right now – an era of rampant debauchery and staggering amounts of casual sex, in which everybody is “doing it” or at least making an effort to join in the fun – one night stands, no-strings-attached sex, and friends-with-benefits relationships are not only supported, they’re encouraged.

Especially if, like me, you’re a young man in a somewhat stressful environment like a university... let’s just say that everybody tends to start looking for a way to relieve that sexual energy every now and again. All that pent-up tension has to go somewhere.

You might wonder... in this day and age, with such “loose morals” and lowered levels of anti-slut defense, what’s the point of a sexual frame? Sure it’s a technique that has already been discussed here at length, and by default these days, you might think: “Well, if we’re both attracted to each other, then sex is on the table and will most likely happen in due course.” And you’re right. In most dating situations in North America, Europe, and beyond... there’s much less need for setting an actual “sexual frame” with a girl. More and more these days, girls will happily go to bed with you so long as you present yourself as a sexy man. But if you’d like to take things further, then this might be the article for you.

Please allow me to re-introduce a concept that my buddy Alek Rolstad wowed the seduction community with back in the late 2000’s. It’s called the sexual reframe. It’s also a technique that another master seducer, Ricardus Domino, has been using for almost a decade. And after setting aside time for intensive practice... I’ve been able to use this technique consistently.

3 Ways to Make a Bitchy Girl Submit

bitchy girl
She isn’t always a bitch. And she will warm up... For the right guy. To melt the freeze around her heart, get ready to pull your pickaxe out.

I love bitchy women.

They’re tough, sassy, sexy, and some of the best allies once you have them on your side. Some men make the mistake of either submitting to a woman’s ferocity or getting butt-hurt. The former category of men become orbiters and earn from her only disgust. The latter become manosphere advocates and misogynists who travel to more “conservative” countries in search of “traditional women” to marry.

Both are reactions of fear rather than strength and love. I suggest an alternative path to dealing with bitchiness: ravish her whirlwinds of anger like a titan. Then, when the storm dies and you and she are still standing, ravish her or anyone around who has been witness to your strength.

Here are three ways to do that, starting with my favorite.

Attract Her Harder with the NLP Contrast Technique

attract her
When you contrast yourself with unattractive men, you attract her more. The key lies in how you highlight their traits versus yours.

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing great. Today I will share another NLP-based technique that you can use to trigger attraction and to make women perceive you as the right guy – for her.

What if you could contrast yourself against all the boring girls a guy meets, and be that much more delicious for her? Wouldn’t that do awesome things for your ability to attract her (and your success rates from those attractions)?

Many men get kind of scared when they see NLP-based material like what I’ll give you today, but I promise you that this technique is actually pretty simple. In addition, this technique that I am about to share is rather risk-free. There’s very little chance it backfires on you.

Worst-case scenario, it won’t work as well as you expect. But I will tell you, the results for me from this technique have consistently been amazing. This is a technique I use a lot when I go out to meet women, and it helps speed up the process.

I will first get straight to what the technique is, then I will explain the mechanism and discuss briefly when one can use it. I will later share some examples in order to make sure you get an idea of how this works.